@Alamantus hum, then structured communication shouldn't happens via email.

Because having H12,3,4,5, bold and the like do help to get ones point across.

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@kyzh I mean, *basic* HTML like that is fine, but all this garbage with columns and images and responsive design and everything is just absolute hell, and all the cool apps that are meant to help with it simply can't address the abysmal and contrary support that all email clients provide.

@kyzh @Alamantus POP4 should just markdown. You get all the good things about html email without the invisible pixels, 1000+ lines of JS, and it's readable in a text only email client.

@Alamantus @squeakypancakes that would be pretty cool to be honnest.

I'm not holding my breath thi

@kyzh @squeakypancakes Yeah, I have no illusions that it would ever actually happen, but dang, that would be wonderful...

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