fediverse poll ! 

Poll time: How many time did you move instances (or created an alt on another instance) in the last 12 months ?

(boost would be super appreciated)

(also there is another question bellow, maybe boost and reply to that one too)

fediverse poll ! 

Second question:
How many alt do you have active?

(boost ok)

(reply how many alt you have if more than 12)

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fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh Maybe you should make a poll how many fedi bots people have.

fediverse poll ! 

@felix bots not exactly interesting in what I'm trying to figure out, but I guess they could be like alts 🤔

fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh 37% of accounts on the fediverse are my alts

(jk I answered 0, I'm not gonna pollute yr poll)

@kyzh what's your rules for "active"? i keep backups to use when my instance breaks*
*totally by itself**

@piggo if you loged in once in the last 3 months, even if you just looked at the TL for a minute

@shinesprites (lol, I just seen what I 've done).

It means you have alts, but you don't actually used them in the last 3 months.

re: fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh I may have misvoted, since I didn't understand the options. I have one alt that I haven't used in a while, because I ditched that instance. I also had a self-hosted instance, but that kind of went kaput after two months, and that was some time a year ago.

fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh Well, I moved instances shortly after I joined the fediverse less than a year ago; this was originally my alt account, but then it became my main.

I also just recently made another alt, but I never use it, so I don't know if that counts. (:

fediverse poll ! 

@IceWolf if you created that alt less than 3 month ago but didn't so anything with it, that still counts.

fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh I made a lot of alts in my first year here, but these days I just post from the one account.

fediverse poll ! 

@kyzh never moved main instance but created maybe 6 alts in the last year (not all got used tho)

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