I use :sparkles_indigo: like πŸ’œ but as non romantic alternative.
Not sure it will stick, but I do hope it gets the right message accross

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a drug emojo 

@kyzh i love this #purpleblocpride
:ball_of_yarn: ​:sprkgoth:​:sparkles_spoopy:​ :weed_pipe:​

a drug emojo 

@canary nice one!
I can see the level of purpleness increasing drastically in the custom emojo of

@kyzh now I'm paranoid about whether I've been sending the wrong signal all along πŸ˜‚

@ljwrites lots of people are fairly flirty on here, I just want to make sure people dont get the wrong message (not like it happened before I started to use the :sparkles_indigo: )

@kyzh duuude I really doubt some fukin purple gremlin getting in peoples menchies is gonna turn folks on lmao @ljwrites

@kyzh or a decapitated puffin on acid for that matter lol @ljwrites

@pfx @kyzh so no monsterfuckers on this instance I take it? 😁

@ljwrites @kyzh we are an extremely clean and normal instance with nothing unusual going on at all ever. This is known

@pfx @ljwrites I mean people can totally be into monsters, even on here.
Saddly this litle imp is spoken for.

If someone was really into imps, I guess I could ask friends, see if any imps available : D

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