Arabic-Islamic Cities: Building and Planning Principles
Besim S. Hakim

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching
By David Foreman

Mediterranean Urbanism: Historic Urban / Building Rules and Processes
By Besim S. Hakim

Anarchism and Other Essays
By Emma Goldman

Humanure Handbook
By Joseph Jenkins

Edible Trees:
by Plants For A Future

By Plants For A Future

Edible Plants:
By Plants For A Future and Trevor Pemberton

Edible Perennials
By plants for a future

Woodland Gardening
By Plants For A Future

Pirate Women
by Laura Sook Duncombe

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Out of thread, screenshot without descriton to remind me to check it out on a desktop

@alice did you read/like chronicle of amber?

@alice my partner cannot speak highly enough of those books.
I never read them myself tho.

(I keep them for my 60s)

@kyzh I'm currently reading "Gods and Warriors" by Michelle Paver.

With a strong focus on the relationship between animals and humans this is one of her many books I can recommend reading.

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