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A typo a day keep the grammar away

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I use :sparkles_indigo: like 💜 but as non romantic alternative.
Not sure it will stick, but I do hope it gets the right message accross

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My instance block list 

Here is the beginning of a thread that I'll update with what I have in my block list.

It basically revolve around thoses axis:
- literral Nazi
- Nazi enablers, non moderated place
- Pedos
- commercial instances and scams
- People working with/for the police
- harrasers and shitlords (and all their pet instances)

You don't have to look at my list.

You don't have to agree with my list.

You don't have to comment on why you don't like my list

You don't have to tell me why telling people I have a list is bad.

You don't don't have to, but if you do, you are helping yourself to get a nice comfy spot in my list.

(note: if your instance is on that list and you think it shouldn't, you can make a case for me taking it out. I also make mistake and sometime situations evolve over time)

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A Tribe Called Red - Land Back Ft. Boogey The Beat & Northern Voice (Official Audio)

This actually slaps

(listening to A Tribe Called Red because @Iuckyduck has been sharing good taste around)

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today is a war songs playlist kind of day

R.E.D. - a tribe called red, yasiin bey, narcy, black bear

#nowplaying #np #fediplay

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We are currently living in the great hat-less era. Every other phase of human history can be roughly categorized by the nature of the hats that are the norm. But not today, not since roughly the 50s where suddenly no one has been bothering wearing hats as part of every day fashion. You may see baseball / trucker hats in occasional use, but anything else would be a noticeable outlier. Many of the types of hat once popular would now get you mocked for being a weirdo if you dared don it.

I don't know what any of this means, and I don't know what prompted me to notice all of this.

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that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

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je cherche les bons podcasts de musique expérimentale. Quest-ce que vous reccomendez?

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Note to self:

if you can't find your phone or remote or other small electronic device

always check under the cat

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i want to do psychoeducation (mental health shit), sexual violence, trauma, etc.

which would include lowering stress techniques, and just... life after trauma

and tie in pigs (and education about pigs) with talks of resilience, fight/flight, and animal therapy

zines, essays, stickers, maybe shirts and other merch

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here's my thoughts.

i want to start a #SmallBusiness and maybe even a non-profit, but the thing is

i know nothing about taxes, accounting, and all that jazz

if you run a small business, what do you use? where did you start? pls guide me

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gluten morgan

*hands you pasta*
*hands you person*

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old antivaxx lie, kidposting 

Antivaxxers: Vaccination causes... AUTISM! :blobcatterrified:
Me: Gasp. Well mine is *already* autistic so he gets all the lifesaving vaccines, win! :blobthinksmart:
Antivaxxers: Wait

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B Russell is quoted as saying something like:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

lowtechmag, forest / biomass

(tangentially I know so little about what trees have what properties, etc.)

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:lemon_dog: is back at Godforsaken Website after I looked after him for the weekend. He's excited to see you all again xox

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Someone was looking for BLM stickers and I just got a huge pack for $10 here:

Also, @popstar is selling TQBIPOC pride holo-stickers on their etsy etc. It was designed by another QPOC comrade @unfitmisfit . Give them your money too.

Last redraft for links sorry folks

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