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This is a good place to start learning more about

"DisCrit was created in response to the activism by disabled people of color who contend that the dismissal of race by Disability Studies (DS scholars) scholars and of ability by Critical Race Theory (CRT) scholars leads to the experiences of people of color with disabilities being largely absent in both discourses. DisCrit works to examine how race (ism) and ability (ableism) function in tandem to relegate people of color, people with disabilities, and people of color with disabilities to the margins of society. [...]

First, DisCrit centers how racism and ableism function together in relation to a standard of normalcy in ways that are often read as neutral. [...]

According to Annamma, Connor & Ferri (2016), disability has often been centered via U.S. disability discourses as a monolithic identity, pointing to the inherent ideologies of Whiteness in disability activism"

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do pleroma forks with better communities exist? like hometown or glitch are for mastodon?

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“How do you tell someone, ‘I’m not ignoring you I’m just disconnected from reality right now and the days are all blurred together and I feel completely apathetic towards everyone/everything around me so it’s really hard for me to maintain a conversation’ without saying that.”

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Crowdfunding: my Black autistic friend needs money for food and rent; goal = $600; paypal or cashapp 

My friend MJ, who is Black and autistic, needs $400 for rent and $200 for food and transportation, or about $600 in all.

So far at $20/$600

Also, today is their birthday, so it would be nice if people donated for that?
cashapp: $mickeyjaytee


I had cake for breakfast. Because I finally made that apple tarte yesterday and it's just wonderful.

lockdown things, Germany 

It's cold and rainy outside. A few friends and I are still going to meet outside. Almost everyone is taking the bike to where we meet. It's actually a meeting of our local autistic community. We will be four people.

New restrictions are in place since this morning. We can only meet up to 5 people outside (+ distancing + face masks).

Maybe it's going to get worse again and we can't meet in small groups soon, so we take the rain ^^

Covid, Germany 

Do Germans really believe it happens everywhere else but not here? Just because we were quick the first time doesn't mean it's not going to get bad.

But why? It's cool, let's have another party... :oh_no:

:nes_fire: :nes_fire: :nes_fire:

I really don't like most people.

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@oss ohhh I definitely need to go there!
This reminds me of Corrour Station in the heart of the Scottish Highlands – it has a station house with a small restaurant/cafe, and a former signal box with three cozy bedrooms for travelers. It can only be reached by four trains a day, by foot, or through a small gravel track, and it's at least 16 km away from the next road. Perfect for hikers who want to enjoy nature!

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Thanks for all the cats on my TL!

I'm so tired I want to be a cat but I have to get groceries today and it's raining. :blobcoffeeraccoon:

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UK clocks go back on the 25th of this month. I find a whole hour's change very difficult so I'm staggering the offset by 5 minutes per day over the next 12 days (including today). So today's time is -5 minutes. Feel free to join me in this made-up time zone if you like.

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politics, Germany, Japan, de, petition 

> SPD will „Friedensstatue“ erhalten

> Eine Trostfrauen-Statue gegen sexuelle Gewalt im Pazifikkrieg soll weg. Es heißt, das Thema sei für eine Aufarbeitung in Deutschland nicht geeignet.

SPD never fails to disappoint huh.


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Antisemitismus, Spendenaufruf 

Nazis sind in die Wohnung einer jüdischen Familie eingebrochen, haben explizit antisemitischen Schaden angerichtet und Wertsachen geklaut. Bitte spendet wenn Ihr könnt, die Familie lebt prekär. Gerne boosten.

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Antisemitismus, Spendenaufruf 

LB: Nazis have burgled the house of a Jewish family in Germany, they have caused damage with explicit anti semitic overtones (graffiti etc) and stolen valuable items.

Please donate when you can, the families livelihood is precarious.

Please boost.


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can i add my voice to those complaining about sleep also

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Torrent linkage 

Welcome to the 2020 London Anarchist Bookfair on torrent created by The Anarchist Library project.

Torrent link here:
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We would like to thank all the people that took time to send us report.

What we had originally (~ 1 month ago) categorised this was a one off faux pas, the mistake understood and apologies issued.
Upon investigating this incident again over the last few days, we found 2 similar incidents.
The user is no longer part of

We have reached to some of the people impacted, but we would like to publicly apologise.
We do not condone sending sexual messages to people without their consent.

We believe in growth and self betterment, but we do not believe it is our responsibility to host that user while they do the work required to meet basic decency.

If you have any question, do reach one of the mods

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Afropessimism, origin of blackness 

"there is a word called 'Black' which is not a cultural identity in its essence. It is a paradigmatic position"

"Patterson would say that every group of people in the world has been enslaved; by contrast, what we said is that there is a group of people called 'Black' who have no temporal existence prior to slavery, and that this is unique."

Makes sense, blackness as a concept was created by european slavers as a construct to justify brutal violence and enslavement. It was applied to a diverse group of people from different cultures and religions who had little in common except skin darkness and the fact that europeans wanted to kidnap them and steal their labor.

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