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If your employer gives you a raise for your work. It doesn't mean you will have to work more.
This is what your salary should have been at the first place.
And it's certainly still not high enough.

For anyone still not subscribed, you should join @ArtistMarciaX newsletter

It's a DIY operation and the content is really good. You need to buy it before the end of this week to be locked in for August. So go do that.

No one has ever entirely read the Naked Lunch by Burroughs.

If someone tells you they did, your have probably encountered a pathological liar.

If someone geniuenly enjoyed it, be a kind but wary person regarding their mental health.

Unfortunately, someone from Russia (Alexey Knyazev) is selling my art as wooden puzzles. First, he sold my Wakeful Wolf without my consent.

I told him to stop selling my art and reported this illegal product everywhere I could. Today I saw that he started selling two other artworks of mine as a puzzle under a different company name.

Please don't purchase any puzzles from "woddopuzzles". or "Alexey Art".

#art #illustration #arttheft #mastoart

Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je faisais la liste de tous les actes racistes que je subissais quotidiennement à mes proches blancs. Je peux maintenant rajouter "rêves orienté" dans les conséquences du racisme. Même en dormant je ne suis plus tranquille 🙃

A relative wants to make some database of the trees that are located on some land. Mainly using geographic coordinates values.
I assume some OSM related mapping apps can help doing it with a basic android smartphone.

I am going to give Vespucci a try but I might not be heading the right way.
Has anyone suggestions/walkthroughs to share? @pfx maybe?


Inaccurately* summarize the foundational myth of a heritage/religion, and guess the origin of someone else's entry. Go!

* Inaccurate as in, it's misleading in a hopefully humorous way but not outright fabricated. Mod announcement, wrt to yesterday’s meta 

The user involved in yesterday’s discourse ie: NB erasure, biphobia, general bad takes (Mathild) has been removed from the instance. does not support these views and I personally am very sorry to everyone hurt or saddened by these comments. We’re stronger together, and tearing each other apart serves no one but our oppressors.

I have been too busy digging a pond the last couple of days. Which is pretty much two eternities on the fedi.
Have I missed anything? (I mean apart from excessive whiteness)

Being French is just another way to say "going through some sort of functional alcoholism".

Tobacco, alcohol mention 

I really have no issue to stop smoking as long as I am at my parents place.
But I can't even try to pretend that emptying their liquor stock isn't part of my plan.

Your randomness looks way too sequential go me. That bothers me.

Banking in 2020 (aka. "I fucking hate tech")

I just want to make a transfer, I need a smartphone to confirm it even when I use the actual website. My smartphone is seemingly too old since the bank app keeps on crashing when I try to run it.

Innovation is regression.

Le site/MadmoiZelle a été racheté et la nouvelle direction, que j'associe aux hipsters parisiens, affirme vouloir créer un Teen Vogue à la française. Inclusif et politiquement éclairé.

Je suis très dubitatif mais qui vivra verra.

we've been trying to vent our feelings constructively instead of just sitting around angry, and other people have already said everything we want to say to the white folks who are continuing to involve themselves in this discussion without educating themselves or sitting with their feelings in the slightest, so here's some paint bucket emoji edits we just did

:ms_black_trans_flag: :sparkling_heart_black_trans: :treblesand_black_trans: :heart_trans_black:

(oh and there's also :trans_furr:​ which was already on the instance when we became admin)

black trans flag by Raquel Willis
mutant standard by Dzuk, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
sparkling pride hearts by amethicc
treblesand is public domain
pride hearts by discord user CAMERATA#4771

Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester–Archie Bland

“I’ve always felt it’s part of my job to bring the world into art and art into the world,” said [sculptor Marc] Quinn, who previously made a series of works inspired by the riots that followed the police killing of Mark Duggan in 2011. “Jen created the sculpture when she stood on the plinth and raised her arm in the air. Now we’re crystallising it.”


fediverse meta, instagram 

We know what Zuckbook and birdsite are nicknames for. But what is instagram’s Masto nickname? I must know.

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