I don't know if you are being snarky but... they actually did.

Cops who are showing their support to the said column have clearly stated they should get inspiration from the war on drugs methods used in Phillipines and Brazil.

Ah, on nous fait le vieux coup des bienfaits des entreprises familiales.

« (...) pérénniser le savoir-faire et la tradition de mes ancêtres » yikes

Does the world know that the french military and cops are having columns in a newspaper where they literally call for a civil war to clean "ungovernable neighborhoods"*?

* it means black and arab people in french

me talking about a Jim Jarmusch movie again 

@noyovo @seances also the Limits of Control.
Slow paced and very meta.

The only case of meta I can deal with.

me talking about a Jim Jarmusch movie again 

@noyovo @seances First time I encountered his acting was in Ghost Dog where he has a supporting role as an ice cream man.
I'd say that one just for the sake of the scene of him calling Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker playing a hitman) a teddybear.

@skrlet13 and according to wikipedia the donation system is blockchain based.

So it goes full circle.

@skrlet13 It's a streaming platform that is praised by the alt-right/fashs. Those that have the "we are against the big tech" speech.

So that's kind of natural that cryptobros (libertarians) are joining forces there.

@dark_soil I'm still thinking about the rococo interior design you mentioned.

This style gives me the creeps and now I wonder if there's a horror movie taking place in a heavily rococo styled set.

@dark_soil nouveau-riche distasteful furnishing style then?

@noyovo I just checked the kanga which I didn't know about and yes, the layout is the same as the lambahoany: framed drawing with a quote on the lower part.

I am not surprised and that's super interesting to learn.

Lambahoany filled with drawings of zebu skulls: Gasy gothic

re: fediblock, racism, misogyny 

@cadadr @mhmd
My point is that we know that Aral is a white cis man who's influential in his field. When this type of person fucks up publicly, the level of forgiveness they take advantage of infuriates me.

You said it yourself "it's sad", and still hope he'd apologize like he doesn't realize what he's doing... So yeah, that's the behavior I am talking about.

White techbros in position of power shouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt when they fuck up. That's all I am saying.

re: fediblock, racism, misogyny 

@cadadr @mhmd
Not a random intern, a black woman.
He displayed his antiblackness before, he can tatoo BLM all over his face, that wouldn't make him less of a whiteness-fueled asshole.

For real, the whole idolizing behavior in the tech field never fails to gross me out.

fediblock, racism, misogyny 

Thr tweets for the record.

I noticed his constant virtue signaling by quoting Angela Davis.
Wouldn't be surprised if she's the only black woman activist he knows about... :blobcatglaredrink:

@glitter It took more years than I'd like to admit for me to realize that this yellow flower and the fluffy ball flower were the same one.

Also fun facts, dandelions are named this way because of the shape of the leaves. "Dent de lion" in french means "Lion's tooth".
But in french the flower is more commonly named pissenlit, because of its diuretic effect.

@jalcine The domain name example? I think it's a very tiny aspect of it, even though it doesn't make it all of course.

My thought was mostly that we don't solve systemic issues (corporate web centralization) with individual actions (isolated self hosting).

The tilde.club project goes towards what I'd like to see more. But once again, not so accessible the way it is...

Decentralization is not about leaving google to go on protonmail.
Or making your website on wordpress' engine instead of wix.

It should have been about group of people getting a fun domain name with friends (let's say "meandmyfriends.net") and easily set things up to use it as their email domain. Or add a personal subdomain to create mywebsite.meandmyfriends.net the geocities way.

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Too long, didn't write my whole musings.
But in short:

Tech/foss culture haven't been inclusive with non-tech saavy people. They have their part of responsibility for the centralization of platforms (facebook, reddit, google tools etc.)

Things should have been community focused instead of centered on what the individual can do on their own.

The Movie Database?

Even tough it's missing technical information that I am used to find on IMDb.

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