By any chance, do you remember the error message you get when trying to boot on your regular partition/OS?

Gentle reminder

If you have a cat, pictures are very appreciated.
If you mention your cat, pictures are mandatory.

This is the internet, I don't make the rules.

300 years in the future from now: a biopic about Marcus Garvey directed by white people with Gangsta rap all over the place.

USPol, Catholicism 

@popstar I guess the color in the sky isn't the autumn weather but some kind of void forming because of this holy paradox.



Quand quelqu'un dit : « onanisme »
Les animateurs de France Culture : « hihihi oulala c'est osé, qu'est ce qu'on s'encanaille dites donc ! »

I can't get over my discovery of square dance.
It's so exotic to me, there should be a documentary on National Geographic or something.

Time to log off.
@kyzh toots are giving me the munchies. Big time.

@inmysocks @ljwrites
I totally see a specific use case for work with it. I will give it a try someday.


@ljwrites Your experience with it is raising my curiosity.
Is Syncthing able to do two ways synchronization. Like if a file is written to either of the device, it will be synchronized to the other?

(You don't have to answer, I feel too lazy to check the docs at the moment)

dream log 

I was on a mission with two other people to trash a supermarket. Knocking shelves over is very satisfying, I tell ya.

@pfx there lies the difference between carefree and careless in these times of pandemic.
It's probably more accessible but even less fun than you think if this is not your scene. You'll find yours.

Have you heard about Le Fresnoy school by any chance? Considering your profile, you definitely qualify to integrate it.


reactionary white reddit dude griping 

The very same ones that challenge liberals to be less "politically correct" despite being to much of cowards themselves to admit that they would happily own slaves if their neighbors did.

@ksynwa I just checked on wikipedia what square dancing is about.
Yup, that's very white.

(Not a subtoot)

Every time I find a cool job offer that fits my skill and where the salary's good, the information searches (about the company) ends up with finding buzzword filled corporate quotes by white hipster-looking techbros.

And my enthusiasm drops.

@rusty Very true, every time I move them from the water filled jar to a soil filled pot, they hardly make it more than 6 months after :(

My first mistake was to use terracotta pots. They are porous and most of the water evaporates too quickly. Plastic pots do a better job.

I am currently studying if a different soil would help. I think the current one is too compact, hopefully a sandy mix will help.

@pfx I am the grinning sombrero with an exquisite mustache playing violin when I log on here.

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