Il y avait une manifestation de travailleurs immigrés à Vitry aujourd'hui.

Le parvis de la mairie était bondé.
Pas un mot à propos des revendications n'est lisible où que ce soit.

Uncaptionned pictures of the wonky aloe 

No individual caption for the photos.
It's basically pictures of same aloe plant taken from different angles and close ups.

And yes, I had to put those wooden sticks because it would just fall over if they weren't here.

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Morning, haven't went back to sleep yet.
Birds were loud earlier. The nice kind of loud.

Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait un pdf de la brochure de la Coordination des femmes noires ?

cc'ing @noyovo in case you'd know some online libraries where to get it (haven't found it on or libgen)

More plant posting 

I got curious about the tree after sharing the pictures and it figures that the roots were starting to miss room. So it's healthy.

So I repotted the green baby in a larger pot and hope for more leaves for the spring/summer. :blobcatrainbow:

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I always been fine with the toothpick+jar technique to germinate seeds, but then trees never lasted long and always ended up losing their leaves and die.

This one (not the same as the previous picture) was germinated with the "plastic bag on router" technique and it is still doing fine.
Went through the winter without any issue.

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So I did this experiment with avocado seeds in the last couple of months.

It seems that germinating avocado trees thrive when growing in a highly evapotranspirating environment with a warm soil.

The router on which the pot sits is not burning hot, but fairly warm.

kyzh is on a long break atm.
But I am fairly sure that the rest on the mod team on RL doesn't want to lift the block with considering the recent discourse.

I wouldn't say that working in the "digital" field is that attractive, even though technically (software wise) interesting nevertheless.

The material I am working on is barely palpable to me since I basically just deal with terabytes of data to process without having the time to appreciate it.

Apparently the appreciation can happen when I have to do bugfixing with unrecognized image formats.

I still don't know if this was made on purpose, but it always makes me smile when I see it.

Alright, I have some real fun screencaps.
I gotta do something with them.

plants / FR captions 

So I repotted most of my plants because it figures that the previous soil was clearly too compact and too mineral (dry).

After I changed it to leaf mould, the crassulas woke up like they were alive again. Some tiny weeds also started growing around one of them.

Today I made a mix of perlite, compost and regular dirt that I am going to try on my always wonky avocado trees.

Is there such thing as plant cruelty?
Because if this is the case, I'd have to stop my weird experiments.

I did this to get a fancy shaped stem.

Remember the ducks my parents got back in July?

The brats grew up!

Have a nice day y'all.

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