Too long, didn't write my whole musings.
But in short:

Tech/foss culture haven't been inclusive with non-tech saavy people. They have their part of responsibility for the centralization of platforms (facebook, reddit, google tools etc.)

Things should have been community focused instead of centered on what the individual can do on their own.

Decentralization is not about leaving google to go on protonmail.
Or making your website on wordpress' engine instead of wix.

It should have been about group of people getting a fun domain name with friends (let's say "") and easily set things up to use it as their email domain. Or add a personal subdomain to create the geocities way.

@iantila I don't know if that's a facet of decentralization - like you could do that in either case

@jalcine The domain name example? I think it's a very tiny aspect of it, even though it doesn't make it all of course.

My thought was mostly that we don't solve systemic issues (corporate web centralization) with individual actions (isolated self hosting).

The project goes towards what I'd like to see more. But once again, not so accessible the way it is...

@iantila Yeah but thinking on this again, this is one of those human problems (can I trust this person to be a good neighbor? etc etc)

systems like that don't really exist but I am curious about them

@iantila absolutely!
I feel that Linux Mint is one of the best Linux distributions available. I've sent off computers to older relatives, who have used them for years without hiccups.
No other Linux distribution works as a replacement of Windows.

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