Help, can't find a fedi artist.

I remember a fedi artist who shared their website/online store a couple of weeks ago. I am frustrated I cannot find them anymore, should have followed them at the first place.

Their visual are geometrical and IIRC some colorful shirts and tank tops were also sold. The default currency was set in Indian rupees.

Any ideas anyone?


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Yay, I finally found them! :blobcatdab:
Feel free to share some love to @aurpera

Thanks yall for your help

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@ordinarylava @sylvia_ritter
Nope, I already had Sylvia in my books but thanks for the reminder still :)

@iantila omg thank you :) let me know if you need any help regarding my store.

@iantila If that artist is from India and on the basis of what you have described.

I used to follow this artist called Anant Kulkarni on Pinterest.

His website below:

As mentioned on another self reply, I have been able to find them.
Thanks for the suggestion still.

@iantila sorry cannot help on the specific question. Just to add: these memory gaps are the reason why I'd want mastodon apps to provide a full text search over (only) those posts I have already seen.

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