Follow up of my toot from yesterday.

The head of the French Socialist Party is saying that choosing your doctor according to their skin color is appartheid.
I can't even... :hhHHHAAAH:

@ArtistMarciaX I know right... The projected racism is so strong even white "lefties" can't even hide it.

@iantila It _would_ be true, if the was no racism exerted by the white doctors.

@carl It's not remotely true in any case. Choosing your therapist according to criteria that make you feel safe isn't a coercive act.

@iantila That, too. From there, you could bring a counter argument to the original idiot: Choice of therapist has to be, irrespectively of race*, according to criteria, that makes one feel safe.
*we both know, this is not true, but this way, you steer the discussion away from race to a professional discussion. And not even white people want to discuss professional criteria, right? ;-)

That's not a counter argument to me. It sounds exactly like what I blame about French white culture that implies that "race" doesn't exist and that they don't see colors, just professional skills.

I do want to discuss race as a valid criteria of choice for BIPOC that need safe healthcare.

@iantila race is a valid criterium of choice for BIPOC, no doubt about it. But not mentioning that to whites can be a subversive act on an individual level for a person in need.
On a wider perspective, the society needs to discuss this, of course!

@iantila I absolutely and totally agree with you! I am not trying to counter you, seeing it similarly!
What I am getting at, is that using "professional skills" in the argument instead of race takes that weapon away from whites and BIPOC can still get good (by professional standards for white people, by anti-racist standards for BIPOC) treatment without whites being able to attack the choice on "racist" reasons.
I am sorry that I could not be clear enough here.

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