Let's give this a try!

I am a French blasian cis man. I do sysadmin and AV archiving stuff on a daily basis. On my free time I start fun projects and generally never finish them.

There is another masto account I have on a mainstream french instance but I am not fond of crowdy places and I got kind of put off by the toxic "libriste" behavior the same way I got put off with rock music.
I have a growing interest in black studies and anti-colonial activism which are, sadly, not really highlighted in France to say the least...

This instance seems like a cool place where I could remember everyone's name and I feel alright with the general stance.
And I must say the domain name is dope.

@iantila what does AV archiving entails if I may ask?
Happy to have you around :)

@kyzh I could have been even more specific by saying "digital AV archiving". It basically consists of making sure that the digitized audiovisual content we are working on passes the quality control (file format, color space etc.) and is properly stored on a supposedly longlasting medium (LTO tapes in my case).
Where I work we mostly deal with digitized, sometimes restored, patrimonial film movies.

@iantila that sounds pretty cool.

(There is really big capacity LTO tapes now, makes me think about the last time I had to use them and they were 90Gb and the black box we interface with to write on those an expensive kit to maintain).

Nah nothing about white supremacy despite the community being mostly composed of white males... (Uh oh!)

Simply put, libriste would translate as free/libre open source software advocate.
I somehow consider myself as being one. What I mean by toxic behavior is how members of the FOSS community tend to be very dogmatic or condescending if you are using proprietary tools instead of existing FOSS alternatives. The same tone men have when they are mansplaning.
We could actually call that libresplaining/FOSSplaining!

There is also their "political" posture that annoys me. While caring about your privacy is important, I may use a VPN, encrypt my data and whatnot: that doesn't make me a radicalized political activist...

@iantila Welcome! I'm the resident obnoxious American! I never shut up. Good to have you around 😁

@iantila hell yeah, you get me. chatter box high five.

@iantila Hi! Dans le cadre black studies;

Tu connais Elsa Dorlin? Je sais pas à quelle point est elle connue en france, malgré qu'elle est française.

J'ai beaucoup appréciée Se Défendre: une philosophie de la violence. Généalogie de l'autodéfense dans les milieux noirs, juifs, historiques et contemporains, EU et les amériques. Génial.

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