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"Forward to instance" report option
"Cue cricket noises"

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Disclaimer: when I publicly toot about my moderation activity on the Fedi, I am talking about my personal experience and feelings about it.

I am not talking "in the name" of Rage.Love or the mod team. And I never will.

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I unilaterally decided that the lemon dog emoji is the alt-right/4chan/centrist free version of the troll face. :lemon_dog:

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R.L signup moderation mood 

If you don't bother writing a brief introduction/reasons you want to join the instance, I won't bother approving your signup.

This is a community, not a mall.

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If I ever reply to an old toot of yours, it's certainly because I bookmarked it as I was too lazy to phrase my thought at the time you published it.

How to secure your communications when not tech savvy.
Learn and talk a mashup of Bambara and Malagasy is one suggestion.

:ddg: How to destroy a 1.5km long plane landing track

« Un arc-en-ciel dans l'air incurvé »
Une oeuvre de Thierry Rilet.

I don't miss *having* to touch people to salute them. At all.

But I do miss the sympathetic hugs that mean "I appreciate you and I am stoked to see you".

If I ever say I am writing skits/comedic dialogue, that'll be a professional way to say "using the best/worst lines I heard in my life".

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"Gotta go, I have to sit and listen to white people talking about Africa all afternoon 🙃"
— a Merina friend majoring in history

If you plan to fight your enemy, get a training/learn from those who defeated it in the past.

Everything innovation at the expense of saving natural/energetic resources.


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tech ramblings, 5G, streaming, rebound effect 

I checked some 5G speeds tests, have to say I'm impressed.

There's a potential for mobile live streaming use cases because of the upload speeds.

That will justify manufacturing higher resolution (4K) affordable consumer webcams, especially since visiocall are a thing now.

Netflix will stream 8K videos because "immersive cinematic experience bullshit".

And all this will require even more horsepower and storage in datacenters and stuff.

I know that was already the case.
I hate all of this.

The best memories of school teaching I have from my youth are the literature classes (shouldn't be called "Français").

I had a penpal from Tizi Ouzou, Algeria in junior high.
In high school we studied paintings by Joan Miro and watched Rashomon (Akira Kurozawa, 1950).

"Macron annonce la suppression de l'ENA au profit de l'Institut du Service Public"

Grosse fatigue à l'Elysée.
Le niveau zéro de l'inspiration/manipulation pré-électorale.

Uncaptionned pictures of the wonky aloe 

No individual caption for the photos.
It's basically pictures of same aloe plant taken from different angles and close ups.

And yes, I had to put those wooden sticks because it would just fall over if they weren't here.

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I should have trimmed and propagated my aloe plant.

Now it looks like the plant version of the monster in The Thing (1982).
There are leave popping out of weird places.

"Just be cool, sister Claire"
Def using this expression now.
All credits go to Dumi.

One of the proposed English translation for the expression "faire contre mauvaise fortune bon cœur" is "to put a brave face on it" and it sounds kind of painful.

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