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Disclaimer: when I publicly toot about my moderation activity on the Fedi, I am talking about my personal experience and feelings about it.

I am not talking "in the name" of Rage.Love or the mod team. And I never will.

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I unilaterally decided that the lemon dog emoji is the alt-right/4chan/centrist free version of the troll face. :lemon_dog:

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R.L signup moderation mood 

If you don't bother writing a brief introduction/reasons you want to join the instance, I won't bother approving your signup.

This is a community, not a mall.

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If I ever reply to an old toot of yours, it's certainly because I bookmarked it as I was too lazy to phrase my thought at the time you published it.

Do the English word "pain" and the French word "peine" have the same root and I am only realizing it now?

Good morning anyway ☕

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

Poll meant at Black fedi users (newcomers and elders).

Would you be interested in joining a Black-only Masto instance* where older Fedi users could volunteer to give ✌🏾 trainings✌🏾 about online antiblack behavior, how to detect avoid/defend from them, sharing experiences + more general admin/moderation advice for people who would like to run Black/Indigenous instances?

*The instance would be completely defederated from the whole Fediverse, at least for the first weeks/months of its existence.

Is reverenddaeyunkimphd Mastodon's Nigerian Prince?

Senzu made a great thread yesterday about matted hair and how locks are for Black people.

White French tears ensued. I am gonna drink those tomorrow for breakfast.

Can we publicly check which relay a Fedi instance is using? (when using one ofc)


quote of a bitcoiner (meh) 

"I noticed that freedom is more valuable for bitcoiners than feeling safely. Free people worry those who want to feel safe. You never know what free person will do."
- rando on

Freedom? Dude, you're misspelling privilege.

By any chance, is there a place where articles/writings of people from are aggregated?

I really like the vibe of this community.

shitposty (?) 

I wanna take the best looking tombstones from the Père Lachaise and open a museum in an African country to display them.

Do you know about Marina Correia, the Cape Verdean woman who became world champion in longboard dancing last week?

Now you do 🇨🇻

J'écoute un entretien de France Culture avec Amandine Gay (Par les temps qui courent, avec Marie Richeux) où elle parle de son film « Ouvrir la voix ».

L’émission date de 2018 mais erreur typique sur la playlist musicale (par rapport au sujet) : que des morceaux de groupes blancs dont une reprise d'une chanson de Nina Simone.

I have reminiscences of music theory classes I had when I was a pre-teen.

Reading ternary rythm grids going "ta tata ta" makes you sound like a zero groove robot.

There are a some people I respect a lot for the work they are doing (bookstore owners, musicians, etc.), and I'd like to go beyond the simple "hey, I love what you're doing, see ya" email.

I never lead interviews before though.

Écoutez les femmes noires.

Cases Rebelles - Épisode 94
La C.A.A.N., le feu de l'action

Meta roulette 

* Loving the wrong things for the right reasons
* Loving the right things for the right reasons
* Hating the wrong things for the right reasons
* Hating the right things for the right reasons
* Loving the wrong things for the wrong reasons
* Loving the right things for the wrong reasons
* Hating the wrong things for the wrong reasons
* Hating the right things for the wrong reasons

Anyone knows what happened to I might have missed some news since its down.

Or is it the FOSSbro way:
* Parler is bad because proprietary
* Fedilab is good because Libre Software


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For real though. Am I the only one to see cognitive dissonance when one agrees with both of these statements?

* It's normal to yeet Parler away from the internet.
* An app shouldn't block any website, no matter how nefarious the website may be.

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