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Disclaimer: when I publicly toot about my moderation activity on the Fedi, I am talking about my personal experience and feelings about it.

I am not talking "in the name" of Rage.Love or the mod team. And I never will.

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I unilaterally decided that the lemon dog emoji is the alt-right/4chan/centrist free version of the troll face. :lemon_dog:

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R.L signup moderation mood 

If you don't bother writing a brief introduction/reasons you want to join the instance, I won't bother approving your signup.

This is a community, not a mall.

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If I ever reply to an old toot of yours, it's certainly because I bookmarked it as I was too lazy to phrase my thought at the time you published it.

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Let's give this a try!

I am a French blasian cis man. I do sysadmin and AV archiving stuff on a daily basis. On my free time I start fun projects and generally never finish them.

There is another masto account I have on a mainstream french instance but I am not fond of crowdy places and I got kind of put off by the toxic "libriste" behavior the same way I got put off with rock music.
I have a growing interest in black studies and anti-colonial activism which are, sadly, not really highlighted in France to say the least...

This instance seems like a cool place where I could remember everyone's name and I feel alright with the general stance.
And I must say the domain name is dope.

Why would one need a Capitalist Commune when there is Levallois-Perret?

I remember in SimCity 2020* when boredom kicked in, I used to randomly push disaster buttons. Like earthquake, fires, riots, tornados and such.

* pun intended

Why keep things so simple?
Let's add some more circles to this -existential- venn diagram and make the intersection less likely to be found.

dev qualms / project procrastination 

I have the will to work on this project I started months ago.
The framework/CMS/engine has changed to a new version.
The little code I did is probably mostly deprecated.

Meh, I guess I'll get back to it ✌🏾 later✌🏾 .

(I can't be the only one, right? right?)

Subtitle/translation authorship is underrated.

I wish there were some AcoustID/Shazam equivalent for movie subtitles.


(typo: I meant 30000€ or 30k€)

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I mean, I may be naïve and maybe a couple of million bucks are "nothing" in regards to making movements subsequently changing things.

But I think I wouldn't mind using funds from stealing mainstream (i.e: Disney) movies to help radical movements.

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I'm mostly thinking about it after a story about a French torrent website/tracker that was estimated to make 3-5 million euros a year out of the ads and donations where the cost of the infrastructure was no higher than ~30000k€ (thirty thousand) euros per year.

All the benefits are basically shared between the owner of the website and the moderators that check the torrents.

So definitely a capitalist way of managing it.

But what if the revenues were used to create communes, fund active revolutionary groups and such?

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Are there essays or studies about how illegalism (as a mean to revolution) is or can be articulated in the digital era?

I'd be very curious to read about it.

I mused over humanity's DNA being a cryptic container for ancient aliens to backup some of their data so it could survive through ages.

When they come back on Earth, that's not to invade us, it's just because they went through some heavy data crash up there.

Attention economy: clout as a medium of exchange.

I still don't know if this was made on purpose, but it always makes me smile when I see it.

Starting the hashtag today. It's a made up portmanteau word made after the terms "cinema" and "exquisite corpse".

I am gonna feed it, probably very irregularly, with combination of two (or more) movie frames each being from different movies.

Nothing intellectual, cinephilic or pedantic to analyze. Just visual associations of ideas that popped from my average photographic memory.

Alright, I have some real fun screencaps.
I gotta do something with them.

mention malbouffe, donc pas végé 

J'étais à deux doigts de piétiner mes principes sans vergogne et me faire un gros domac.

Les niveaux d'alerte sont au plus haut.

alcohol mention / colorism 

There are types of champagne that are named a funny way:
* "Blanc de noirs" which translates as "White from black (grapes)": it's a champagne that is made exclusively from pinot noir, black grapes.
* "Blanc de blancs" which translates as "White from white (grapes)": it's a champagne that is made exclusively from chardonnay which is white grapes as you guessed.

I am 100% sure one can make a joke about colorism or white-passing with that, but I am uninspired.
You have the weapons anyway.

(De)federation is broken 

So apparently if someone from an instance that isn't defederated with boosts a public toot of mine, m.s users are gonna see it and can reply to me without me seeing the reply. :psyduck:

I assume most people knew it, but I only realize it now.

I am not grumpy with software today, it just annoys me how AP social networks constantly show vulnerabilities.

PeerTube rant 

Q: Is PeerTube scalable ?
A: No

I want to be able to store a huge video library that can handle heavy traffic (and not only on a single viral video).
Yet live streaming seems to be the priority there.

And I am not even talking about the moderation issues. A couple of days ago, the first result on the instances list was Freespeech[dot]tube.


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