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Invasion Day 2021 

26th January is Invasion Day in Australia. This is the day that Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales on 26 January 1788 and raised the British flag. This date is offensive to indigenous Australians and is a day of mourning, representing the brutal colonisation of the many nations that make up the continent.

I thought it was well-past time that I looked up the indigenous Australian lands that I used to live on in Melbourne, prior to moving to the UK.

I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Woiworung and Boonwurrung people, the traditional custodians of the land on which I previously lived.

WhatsApp facing up to €50M privacy fine

The draft penalty would be one of the largest under the European Union’s data protection rules.

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

Poll meant at Black fedi users (newcomers and elders).

Would you be interested in joining a Black-only Masto instance* where older Fedi users could volunteer to give ✌🏾 trainings✌🏾 about online antiblack behavior, how to detect avoid/defend from them, sharing experiences + more general admin/moderation advice for people who would like to run Black/Indigenous instances?

*The instance would be completely defederated from the whole Fediverse, at least for the first weeks/months of its existence.

periodic reminder that "intelligence level" or "IQ" is extremely fake and also not real

There don't seem to be a lot of books on the history and politics of #Mayotte, recommendations welcome if anyone knows of some!

matrix homeserver question 

Is anyone running dendrite for their matrix homeserver? It's looking more appealing to me since they added e2ee.

liberals tend to talk about racism like it's a personality flaw — like 'they just need to be shown kindness :)) then they will stop perpetuating systematic oppression :)))' — and i think a subset of white leftists talk about it like you'd talk about neurodivergence: 'i don't like making eye contact', 'i will occasionally make loud noises or repeat words', 'sometimes i will claim blackface isn't racist'. and frankly i think that's worse

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i'm trying very hard to be anti-racist, but occasionally i will relapse and say slurs 🤗 please be patient with me uwu

Any room recommendations with CoC like the ones many good Mastodon instances?

Looking for all kinds of rooms. From politics and venting to computers, gardening and crafts. The topic isn't as important as the people there are.

DMs for smaller communities appreciated.

Rwandan genocide - "saviors" 

In effect, everyone (at least, everyone Black…) was getting killed, but the RPF was working carefully to maintain an image of Tutsis as the sole & ultimate victims. Which worked because:

1) Nobody gives a shit about Black people so nobody knew the relevant history
2) Tutsis were very much being killed (Kagame instigated it)
3) The RPF were *directly* carrying out massacres of Tutsis themselves, *on top of* all the shit we've mentioned already.

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Rwandan genocide - "saviors" 

So while foreign NGO workers, the UN, & journalists could mostly see the proof of the killings of Tutsi happening around Kigali for themselves, the RPF tightly controlled media access to territory under its control. This resulted in incidents nearly erased from history (look up "Byumba stadium massacre" if you think you can read about something like that) and many cases where the RPF falsely claimed the corpses of slaughtered Hutus were actually Tutsis.

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the mainstream narrative of the Rwandan genocide is a victim-blaming lie: a thread 

The vagues ideas that many people have about the genocide that took place in 1994 in #Rwanda—one where "extremist" Hutus set off cycles of senseless violence that Paul Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) raced to stop while the world kind of just watched & did nothing—is full of distortions, leaves out many important details, & even includes many outright lies.

This thread is a corrective. (genocide talk ahead)

Is there a way to NOT have AVG appending


to every email I send in gmail*?

*don't fucking tell me not to use gmail, it's not a personal choice, it's required by my company fuck off.

Look at me tooting like crazy today and the world hasn't ended. Must say I'm a bit surprised at both that and myself.

@senzubean @kavbojka also chiming in to add they have an anti-colonial history - the Mau Mau had dreads because they refused to cut their hair until Kenya was free from colonialism & many Black people around the world wore them for related reasons, most famously Rastafarians in the Caribbean

@senzubean Hello. I don't get what you've put in your pay me-thing. Help?

I have PayPal, but yeah, don't really want to use it unless I have to. Maybe that would be easier today with my limited number of spoons though.

@yaaps Hey, you scared me favving that. Looked too much like yepstr at a glance. Phew.

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So question for the fediverse. As a sex education show we've through about branching out into video.

Nothing explicit but frank enough that it would get us kicked off of YouTube.

Are there any peertube servers who would be a good fit for this?

#askfedi #askmasto #peertube

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