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Company statement, workers rights, etc 

Companies are upset that the people who are doing all the work should be considered employees.

~"If we have to make sure that everyone who [works for us] is working in a safe environment this is never going to work out and foreign actors will take over the market and there will be no control or insight!"

Said by the CEO of Yepstr, Jacob Rudbäck.

Wish I had the spoons to fully describe what's happening.

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GigWatch has a new podcast episode out! More pods by syndicalists please.

It's in Swedish and they're following developments in the "gig economy" in Sweden.

Not sure why I'm writing this in English.

Does anybody know nice psychedelic/stoner rock bands NOT consisting of white people? Sick of the white dudes even though the music is rad

please boost :blobcatrainbow:

Euro + US politics, history of facism, podcast 

Behind the Bastards | iHeartRadio

"Episode 1: Travel back to the very birth of fascism in this episode about the March on Rome. You'll learn how the first trailblazing fascist dictator took power and destroyed a democracy."

Euro History, podcast link, facism 

Robert Evans & Shereen Lani Younes discuss the creator of Fascism, Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Part One: The Man Who Invented Fascism from Behind the Bastards on RadioPublic

# history

heads up #fediblock, the white supremacist in the post above has moved:

this person believes it's possible for Black people to be "racist" against whites & has a habit of sealioning.

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@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire this is a hack of course and like all hacks it has its limitations. once the typewriter comes around, you kind of do have to pick a single image for each letter. in movable type it's inconvenient to have hundreds and hundreds of blocks, but in a typewriter it's just impossible. as I understand this is when arabic as a written language gets most of its nuance and flourish flattened out of it to accommodate western tech

@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire so the combination of movable type (letters have a finite number of visual presentations, words are constructed by arranging rectilinear images of letter in two dimensional space) and typewriters (every letter is connected to a button) are fundamentally incompatible with arabic as a writing system, and arabic has had to change to accommodate them, and is still not very well supported as a result. things only get worse with computers 😬 </history>

"Are you at least 18 years old?
Do you identify along the asexual spectrum?
Do you reside in USA, UK or Canada?

If you answered yes to all of these, you are eligible to participate in a new study on families and relationships among asexual people.

Volunteers will take a 15min survey from which about 30 participants will be selected for 2h interviews."

Survey link

Questions direct to

#asexuality #acesurvey #asexual #ace #demisexual #greysexual

After a bit of soldering I'm checking the connections with my multimeter, hearing it beep when I place the probes. In sync with that I hear the dish washer respond from the kitchen in a similar tone, saying it's done. Or was it a cry for help?

I just subscribed to what apparently is the world's oldest anarchist magazine. It started in 1898, was biggest between 1910-1930 and was around that time in legal trouble for suggesting that contraceptives might be a good thing.

The name of the paper is a bit ironic if you read it in English - it's called Brand (which actually means fire).

Episode 20: Hygiene for a computing pandemic

How can we give users a safe and healthy computing environment?

We explore a solution with ample evidence (ocaps), and explore parallels with the (retroactively surprising) fight for handwashing acceptance.

White guys making computers 

My partner is watching Ru Paul in the background as I experiment with , and . I mention the MOSI and MISO stuff on here and got the response to queer it up!

Need to look up alternative terms for those pins. Really dig the trunk term for the main git branch.

Any suggestions? Silly/not silly

Do NOT install #NewPipe through the Samsumg Galaxy Store!

A copy of #newpipe is currently distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Store by a third party. The package id of that version is identical to the officiail one (org.schabi.newpipe), but the signing keys differ.
Surprisingly, users running an outdated version recieve a notification to update their installed version with the one uploaded in the Galaxy Store.

Fictional pandemic, TV show Travelers (2017) 

Haha, now they are explaining R-not and and those terms, I guess that's good but come on, we knooooow.

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Fictional pandemic, TV show Travelers (2017) 

Watching season 2 episode 5 of the time-travel show Travelers, this episode is about a pandemic. So interesting to see the response in the show compared to... well, 2020. Both what they imagined a response might look like and what they kind of get "wrong" in a good response. They're taking it seriously but no distancing, just a few masks and no hand sanitizer.

Pretty good show. I like it. Hope this season and the next ones hold up. Season 1 was really good. It's smart and thought through. Not often you see that.

Like, when things go wrong it's for good reasons and the handling of the issues are smart and not silly.

In this time travel show they take over hosts that are/were about to die, and they can't send a person/consciousness back to before the time the latest one was sent to. So it's always moving forward. I like that mechanic.

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