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Uhhh, fascist Alex Jones is on mastodon.

Guessing fediverse admins may want to block that instance (it calls itself "The pro-liberty social network" which is fash speak)

Just a heads up to anyone who isn't a fascist lol

Refunding Cyberpunk 2077 and buying some non-megacorp sweatshop-made, non-transphobic cyberpunk games is cyberpraxis.

Things got more bugs than the reconstituted cockroach prisms in Snowpiercer anyway.

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There are two kinds of crimes: Crimes against living beings and crimes against capital and its extension, the state. I only recognize the former as morally wrong.

Using "trunk" as the default branch in git also gives you nice /tree/trunk/ URLs.

The values of patriarchy are buried in the very plots of our stories. New plots are needed.' — Karen Joy Fowler

dumb podcast idea:
it's an audio book, except I am reading the book for the first time and providing colour commentary. less and audio book and more a read along

Just found a 13.3 inch HD ISP display for diy projects. Kind of expensive for playing around (300 EUR) but it also got me thinking that I'll probably never buy a new laptop again. Let's DIY the next one.

Just got to find something other than Raspberry pi and teensy to avoid binary blobs all together.

Looking forward to maybe make my own PCB in the future. Throwing in a FPGA for encryption and decoding could be fun too.

A tool to simply "move" your Spotify end-of-year playlists to Bandcamp.

Paste your playlist URL and hit Find and it'll hook you up with the artists on BandCamp.

(This is your regular reminder that Spotify is awful for musicians and is destroying podcasts.)


I can really recommend the podcast Behind the Bastards.

The most recent two are about police unions in USA. The first ones I listened to was the 6 part special called "Behind the Police". Really enlightening.

The ones about Zuckerberg were also really great.

Robert Evans is a journalist, and knows what he's doing. If you're curious about Sophie who's also on the show, she's a bit in the background because she's the producer and not a cohost. That confused me a bit when I started listening to it. She's got a bigger part in the other podcast Worst Year Ever which is also pretty nice to listen to when you're mad about the world.

I just did something I've been meaning to do for years. I just replaced the chip in my Kinesis Advantage keyboard with a Teensy++ 2.0, following the 2013 Stapelberg project.

This feels great. It feels like I'm getting somewhere with my understanding of electronics and soldering.

I think this might be the start of a great . I'm excited.

Thanks Michael Stapelberg! Thanks @zekjur!

:boost_ok: BIPOC companies to order from instead of LUSH 

@twistylittlepassages EU friendly alternatives would be appreciated 🙏

:boost_ok: BIPOC companies to order from instead of LUSH 

Indigenous-owned skincare companies (scroll down to beauty/skincare/health):

Black-owned skincare companies:
in Portland:

Feel free to reply with more!

@ljwrites Hello. Very interesting reading about your translations. Language is fun.

Re Korean TV. I've been trying to find this Korean remake of a British series called Life on Mars. I really liked the original when it came out and thought it would be fun to watch the remake. Any idea of where I might be able to find it with English subtitles? If you don't mind me asking.

The Sims, capitalism n' stuff 

Me, playing The Sims as a kid: "Man, it's so hard to get anything done! By the time my character gets home from work they cook and have enough time to go to sleep, and barely make enough to pay bills so I can't even upgrade anything. Let alone have time for socialization or self-improvement!"

Me, now: "Oh"

@alcinnz I'd also recommend Emily Gundelsberger's "On the clock" which expands greatly on the topic of the last sentence of the above paragraph.

The book is less theoretical and more empirical, mostly based on the author's personal experiences.

We need not only books about facts and figures but also those that help us understand problems at a more visceral level.


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