Sharing another everyday thing.

I'm working hard (when I have enough spoons) to reach somewhere above 150 words per minute, typing on the keyboard. When I started 6 weeks ago or something, my best was around 93 wpm, and I often came down to around 80 or below. Now my bad ones are around 103.

My record is around 115.

Anyway, I've previously found these things a bit silly, as I read and think so much more than I type, but now I have a real motivation. I've been contacted by an old colleague who's brother set up a company a couple of years ago, where they provide speech-to-text interpretation for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Also live subtitling for some TV/web broadcasts.

Workplaces pay for this service, while it's free of charge (the municipality pays for it) for personal meetings, like visits to the doctor, family stuff, or meeting up with friends, or whatever.

Feels like a good job after school's up after next semester. Good unlike the old sysadmin jobs I've had, where I can't really say I've ever contributed to make the world a better place for anybody.

I also find it funny that the old colleague, who I shared a room with once, contacted me because he remembered how much my keys rattled when I was typing.

Today and yesterday I've been looking into Godot for making games again. I spent a lot of time with it this summer, first time attempting to make anything game-like, and it was way fun.

Now I've got an idea for something really silly and simple going over into something... well, maybe you'll see it one day.

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