Question for the James Bond fans here:
- Is the James Bond character supposed to be the same from the first movie, until the most recent? Or is James Bond also a code name similar to the 007 code name?

- Are the movies connected? I've basically only seen from Die Another Day, until the most recent, but I've always felt a bit confused about who some characters are.

I'm currently watching No Time to Die, and I'm quite significantly confused. Though, tbh I have forgotten what happened in Spectre


@mhamzahkhan There's a podcast (ad free) called Kill James Bond where they try to figure that out. Well the goal of the pod isn't that, but they talk about that too.

If it's the same person he's a WW2 veteran, he's been to space, and is often surprised about a lot of mundane stuff that happened in the last movie.

They seem to go kind of back and forth with it being a code name or the same person. I don't think the producers know. That's my armchair understanding of it anyway.

@human_equivalent based on what others have said it seems it might just be parallel timelines for 3ach iteration of James Bond. I guess that makes most sense, as he would be ancient in No Time to Die since he's a WW2 veteran!

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