Fictional pandemic, TV show Travelers (2017) 

Watching season 2 episode 5 of the time-travel show Travelers, this episode is about a pandemic. So interesting to see the response in the show compared to... well, 2020. Both what they imagined a response might look like and what they kind of get "wrong" in a good response. They're taking it seriously but no distancing, just a few masks and no hand sanitizer.

Pretty good show. I like it. Hope this season and the next ones hold up. Season 1 was really good. It's smart and thought through. Not often you see that.

Like, when things go wrong it's for good reasons and the handling of the issues are smart and not silly.

In this time travel show they take over hosts that are/were about to die, and they can't send a person/consciousness back to before the time the latest one was sent to. So it's always moving forward. I like that mechanic.


Fictional pandemic, TV show Travelers (2017) 

Haha, now they are explaining R-not and and those terms, I guess that's good but come on, we knooooow.

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