Any pro tips for working around accessability issues with jitsi? Asking for a blind friend.

They have a lot of unresolved bug reports about this. I'm thinking of setting up my own server and attempt to add those aria tags, but it will probably turn out to be much harder than that.

Like, he can't really tell if his microphone is on or off. Or webcam. Switching rooms turned out to be really awkward. Like really basic things.

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maybe off-topic / bigbluebutton 

Just so you know in case Jitsi is not a must in your use case. Sorry in advance if my reply is irrelevant.

I am currently considering setting up a BigBlueButton instance/server for online meeting and courses. It appears that a lot of work has been put on the accessibility side of its interface and its compatibility with screenreaders.

Maybe this might be more suited for your friend.

maybe off-topic / bigbluebutton 

@iantila No, that's not irrelevant at all. I had assumed BigBlueButton was more like Zoom. I hadn't even looked into it. Thanks, I'll check it out!

@human_equivalent Jitsi have a better accessibility on last version … now we have the state of mic and camera. But he not finished the work, i think, he can add notification when the state of mic and camera change by keyboard shurcut

@sebseb01 Keyboard shortcuts! Got to check that out. Thanks.

To be clear I don't mean to complain on open source projects at all. I just saw so many open bug reports not leading anywhere, even with pull requests. Want to see if we can make something happen. Like a fork to test adding all those things.

Latest version, do you mean the web version or an app or something else..?

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