I'm currently working on a #Pixelfed client called Resin, designed to prevent social media addiction. To hear more about it, check out:


And for more about its design philosophy:


The Fediverse should get rid of the addictive dark patternes that were copied from Twitter & co


If I'm honest I've actually had 3 guitars for the last 7 years or so.

The last one was a gift from a band after taking their pictures at gigs regularly at a local bar for a long time without asking for anything in return. Not gonna say no to a gift like that!

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About 20 years ago I learnt how to play the blues scale on guitar. Just now got comfortable with it, tonight.

That's not to say there's anything special about the blues scale itself, for me, I'm just trying to say it's taken me this long to not so be so stuck up.

Note: I've had a guitar for all these years, just not been able to play anything.

PSA: If you or someone close by have an encounter with a spot robot that - out of whichever reasons - you don't want to have: There is a lever under the robot's chest, a strong pull on it throws out the battery and the robot switches itself off immediately.
Caution: Keep your fingers away from joints and moving parts! Spot is strong and crushes fingers like cream cake.

I’d like to help others make better free and open source software so I’m making this standing offer: I’ll review a project's README for free. If you're interested, follow the link below. If you know of someone who might be interested, send the link to them.


I'm editing a video. "Free hormones come out of the fire" is the next scene. I love all about this.

Met a child today, who asked me if I "was a they".

I asked what their pronouns were, and got the answer "I don't know, nothing I guess, I don't want to be either".

Then I helped the kid climb a tree.

Food mention 

After a long day outdoors I'm now resting with a cup of licorice tea and licorice candies. Nom nom.

Anyway, for #actuallyautistic folks and all #neurodivergent folks, I cofounded a forum just for us! It's called Sol Garden, and is tiny right now and we would love you to be there!

Folks who have ND friends outside of mastodon, please do let them know about us!

Our 3 mods are all #BIPOC, and neurodivergent of course! Here's our Code of Conduct: https://docs.sol.garden/coc/

use #solGardenInvite to request invites, and a mod will contact you :)

#solGarden #ADHD #schizophrenia #redinstead

mh/stress and TV show It's a Sin 

I watched an entire episode without break last night! Even if I really wanted my partner to pause at one point. But the feeling passed and I made it.

Haven't been able to watch any shows with emotional content (even surface level) in one sitting in a long time.

I don't have much to add about the show. So hard to imagine oneself in their situation. I get the feeling a lot of the show comes from diaries and interviews. I like it.


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mh/stress and TV show It's a Sin 

Finished the episode last night. Only took two sittings! I'm glad my partner is pushing me with this.

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Transphobia, instance block recc 

What an asshole. Seems the entire instance is full of shitheads, their content policy is about "reclaiming free speech" and other such nonsense. https://poa.st/about

mh/stress and TV show It's a Sin 

Managed to watch 20-ish minutes and now I need to rest for an hour. The show looks great, it's already heart-wrecking and beautiful right from the start, but I just can't keep up.

I can barely watch any shows with any kind of emotional content anymore. What's the deal with that.

.. found one article


They (IKEA) say that they have no idea who did it, nor why. The damage was minimal. One of the reporter's questions is if there will be anything in sale as a result of the fire.

I couldn't find any articles on sr.se (Swedish public radio).

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Fun to explore Bandcamp and find bands I've had photoshoots with and photographed live a number of times. :)

Iced Earth, 6th of January 

Just heard the news that the Iced Earth guitarist John Schaffer was part of entering the capitol. Interesting that bands that you listened to at 15 are... well, more than I could possibly realize at the time.

I have no idea what they songs were/are about. Maybe it would be a fun project to look into all the artists I listened to a lot as a teen.

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