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Mermaids' legal case to get the LGB Alliance's charity status (rightly) revoked is crowdfunding. Donate a few £ here:

deportation, maya, pls boost 

Maya was visiting the US from the UK, but was deemed to be seeking asylum and I assume is now awaiting deportation. We lost contact when she was being transported from the airport to a facility where she was awaiting her trial(? not sure the proper word). We have not had contact for 2 weeks now.

I am looking for an org that could either help expedite the process so she's out of there faster, or ideally get her into the US to stay with a partner for a month as was planned

asking for $ help for clothes 

Many if not all my remaining clothing have holes/rips

I've done my best to repair my clothes to make them last
but I've done all I can for many of the items

I'm plus size and disabled, living on a fixed income as it is, about 80% of which is my rent/water bill

I need several bras and pairs of pants, and probably shirts too

Boosts welcome and appreciated
Anything will help

paypal is

cash app is $bonemasque


help a black queer person get a car!

Only $200 away from my goal!!!!


Cashapp: SkyGriffin
PayPal: Skygriffin
Venmo: syddskyy

IMPORTANT: UK residents can now sign up for this Don't Pay campaign

IMPORTANT: UK residents can now sign up for this Don't Pay campaign

gods DAMN
and this happens with EVERYTHING, i have no idea how i'm supposed to ask a neutral question without someone imprinting some kind of emotional charge or demand into it
RT @_OneAutistic_
Wow, this is the most perfect description of this problem I've come across. #ActuallyAutistic

Brady Haran, in collaboration with astronomers, has compiled a 110-video playlist on the Messier objects. Here is the link:

no we don't have to respect the dead

i don't respect this shit

If anyone wants to to help affectees of the flood in Pakistan, pls donate to this fundraiser.

It is organized by socialist-feminist collective with a long history of grassroots struggle.

I can vouch for the people behind it. They are always there in times of crisis, standing up to the militarized state dispossessing people of their land and their homes.

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Internalised ableism/ableist language/mh- 

My brain just called me a dipshit (an insult it seems to be fond of) and I noticed and then seriously had the actual thought: "don't call yourself a dipshit, idiot"

I can see it's gonna be a good day 😕

long thread on severe ME 

I have ME. I guess that was hard to miss when you follow me. But did you know there are 4 types of ME?

Mild, Moderate, Severe, Very severe.

Definitions change a bit from website to website, but I'd say, Mild: can still go to work/school without spoons to do anything else
Moderate: Jobless, but can still leave the house (almost) every day for visits, shopping, etc
Severe: housebound
Very Severe: Bedbound

Florida politics, transition being banned 

"Florida begins rule-changing process to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth"

"The proposed standards would ban trans youth care recommended by major health groups and require waiting periods for trans adults to begin treatment"

"...including “social” transitioning measures like changing pronouns or wearing different clothes."


Lol so some daft person* has been playing a certain game for weeks and in a fit of storage clearing inadvertently deleted all their game data and had to begin again 😂

* (me)

uk friends - someone started this petition for a review into the PIP assessment process, which as many of you already know is designed exclusively to exhaust and dehumanise disabled people into giving up on claiming independence benefits. please sign!!

mutual aid for a disabled friend, wheelchair parts 

Best friend's wheelchair needs a couple parts, which on their own are cheap, but shipping makes it over 50 dollars

they've only *just* got steady work and aren't going to have money this coming month for parts

they need the chair to keep working though

they've only got cashapp because PP is gross about changing your name :/

their cash app is $groveofspikes

boosts welcome & appreciated
thanks y'all


Hey everyone! If you have ever asked "what can I do to help trans rights," I have something for you.

Biden's title IX change protecting trans people in schools is open comment.

It is getting FLOODED by TERF comments.


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