'Dear White Women Cheering Iranian Women'
Excellent piece by the wonderful Mona Eltahawy

Some TL:DR quotes:
"This isn’t a “whose flavour of patriarchy is worse” letter. This is a “fuck the patriarchy everywhere” grenade that I gift to you. This is not The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s real life. This is a wake the fuck up because clearly you’ve been drifting, cruising on the delusions that your whiteness will save you from white supremacist patriarchy."

"The patriarchy atop theocracy melange of Iran’s “morality police” is easier to see because it is so visibly expressed in enforced hijab. But what is the enforced pregnancy of the Christian zealots in the U.S. but a melange of patriarchy built atop theocracy right here?"

"Fuck theocracy everywhere.

Fuck fascism everywhere.

Fuck the patriarchy in every time zone and every universe.

Burn. Shit. Down."

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Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

Just came across this James Baldwin quote: “If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

That’s one I need to sit with

Morally we just can't wear the same stuff all the time anymore.

All our clothes are actually into bin bags and we're just gonna lose it all if we don't wash and protect everything into boxes asap.

We can't move out until a few months at least and we'd have to throw everything away way before then if we don't act right now.

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Here's my PayPal again: https://www.paypal.me/VirgileMougin

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Being "better" is work. It's mindfulness, it's asking yourself why you think and do the things you do, and how they're helpful to yourself and the people you love. It's not just assuming that it's correct because you think it, and you're a good, smart person so how can you be wrong? That's the mentality that will doom us

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looking for work 

Hello fedi, as I'm looking for work, would you please lend me a hand and spread the word?

In short, I can do Chinese--English / English--Chinese translations. And I'm pretty good at it.

I used to translate for the New York Times. After getting my PhD in physics, I worked for the publisher SpringerNature as an editor, but my experience there only further radicalised me against the unethical practice of "academic publishing", and I quitted.

My career in science also saw me accumulating 15+ years' experience with C/C++/Python, contributing to projects such as scipy, numpy, etc. That made me a decent tech writer of documentations, too.

I actually quite enjoy translating -- so much so that I have a page set up for that -> https://ko-fi.com/post/Index-to-the-poems-live-document-O5O6EPXJY

Samples are available on request. I am capable of most commercial translation projects in Chinese/English. In my spare time, my language skills are further honed by my Ukrainian/Russian/French/Sanskrit/Old English projects.

Hey folks,

Sorry to ask but we're disabled and our apartment, especially our bedroom, is really insanitary and it's getting worse with time. The walls are rotting and so are our belongings.

When we wash clothes it starts rotting after like 2 days if we don't wear it so we have to wear the same ones all the time.

We need to buy boxes to protect our clothes and books mostly + get a sack truck to get rid off some rotten furniture asap.

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Majority Report are constantly on point IMO. Crucial discussion on trans rights:

help a black trans lesbian couple who need help staying afloat after their car was stolen:

cash/venmo: imnotbijou

(only $880/10k has been raised)

help a black disabled nonbinary person ! need $750 by 9/21!

Cash app: $tiezesty

begpost, boosts+ 

My social worker and some friends got my water back on. I just need a little more help. Starting a new job Monday and I could use some help for bills, gas, and things around the house until I get my first paycheck.

Venmo: rynyday

I meant to say 'window'. They were sitting on a wall. More coffee this way kthx

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Me last night: *goes to sleep after fighting off insomnia*

Two cats facing off close to my wall, four hours later: We will now sing you the song of our people.

Oh wow, this is a lot of fun:


You have to get from one page to another entirely through clicks with no searches.

Thanks to @info_activism@mastodon.cc for post about this.

#Wikipedia #Fun

Bad covid news from the ZOE app/study 

According to our latest data, COVID rates are once again on the rise, up 20% from two weeks ago with 1 in 42 people currently infected. Thanks to your diligent reporting, we’re ahead of official government reports which are yet to show any increase. The rise seems to be driven by the younger age groups and their parents since the autumn school term has started.
#news #COVID19 #uk

boosts welcome, seeking advice for chronic pain and fibromyalgia 

So chances are I’m looking at a fibromyalgia diagnosis, or at least, that’s what my medical team is saying. Which like, I was prepared for and expecting all kinds of other things - but I wasn’t expecting this.

So that leads me to the question: for those who are dealing with fibromyalgia what are some things you have learnt about the diagnosis that you didn’t learn from your doctor? What are some things that you’ve found have *actually* helped you with this? What do you wish you knew earlier on in your diagnosis?

I’ve been reading what I can find on the internet, but I’m really looking for some kind of input written by people with the condition or similar conditions, not shit written by people who don’t have anything similar.

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