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food again 

IN MY DEFENSE pho is one of the few gluten free options i got for ordering. the rest are like, pizza from domino's or pupusas. thats it. if i wanna risk it, i could technically have some taco bell. chick-fil-a offers gluten free options but eh, chick-fil-a...

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food again 

me: "Oh there's a boba shortage. I'll just get regular thai tea, no boba."

delivery driver: "Yeah I put in an order for thai tea no boba but they recognized your name and said you would want boba."

a: these people are extremely sweet and i've never even met them but they know my order
b: i order a lot of pho apparently lmfao

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The worst part, imo, is that the materials used to make like...a bathtub with a door on it aren't fundamentally that much more expensive. It's just that they don't want to add production steps to their process and leave it to niche markets

@6EQUJ5 the fucking cruelty of accessibility design being so fucking inaccessible financially when disability pays out far, far below any meaningful living wage.

Grumpy that they equate disability features with luxury. So the cheapest to produce option has very little ergonomic value.

food adjecent, books, fantasy romance 

so what if i just write a new supernatural romance novel that takes places in a pho shop in nowhere texas, where the family running it has been there for a couple generations. the matriarch has been widowed for almost a decade and now entering her 40s she's swept off her feet by a mexican ranch hand from the ranch where the restaurant gets their beef from and the cowboy happens to also be a werewolf. is this something?

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rewarding myself for the hectic week with chicken pho and spring rolls. also boba tea.

would have gotten rare steak but i split it with mom. s2g the broth pho places make is part miracle cure. i'm sure she'll be fighting by tomorrow lol

its not even like these houses have the excuse of being old. they're maybe 20 years old. i've lived in homes 100+ years old with better accommodation wtf

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disabled but gotta shower? your choice is a bath tub too small to accommodate anyone older than a second grader and seated on the floor or in an extremely narrow standing shower with a half foot tall lip you somehow gotta maneuver over on your own bc chances are likely any person help cant fit in there with you and your mobility aid πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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these fucking cookie cutter divine expansion houses are fucking ableist as hell in design. why are the bathroom doors so much more narrow than any other doors? just zero consideration for walkers, wheelchairs, or disability that requires two people in the bathroom. fucks sake.

if you ever wanna develop some serious arm, shoulder, core, and back strength, take up baking bread as a hobby. that'll sure strengthen ya up lol

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ph neutral 

actually this isnt that weird. when i cant lift pots or jugs its because i have no grip strength in my hands anymore. lifting my mom doesnt use my hands as much as my arms and back and legs which are still thankfully quite strong

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surgery recovery, medical, caretaker things 

me: cannot lift a pot full of water or a full jug of milk some days

also me: able to lift my 180lbs mother out of the shower somehow

Here they are! They're about 5 inches tall or so. No pea pods yet maybe in a few weeks. :)

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i've been trying to read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRoue by VE Schwab but i just cant? lets try Fire Keeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulle

TubbyCoin's currency is 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical. Invest in BigHugs today :tubbycoin:

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checked my follow requests for the first time in a week and found a bunch of pro-bitcoiners trying to follow me, the TubbyCoin Dealer, because i legitimately seem like i'm into crypto. because. TubbyCoin.

Simon & Schuster Update 

S&S has heard the complaints and made the decision to "not be involved in the distribution of this book". they have NOT decided to drop the hard right publishing house (Post Hill Press) that keeps acquiring books by cops, seditionists, and white terrorists

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oh just the publishing world being violently antiblack, again 

one of the cops involved in Breonna Taylor's murders got a book deal to tell his story πŸ™ƒ it was acquired by one of S&S's imprints, a notoriously hard right publishing house

this is the third time that i know of this happening since november. all with S&S. which is also slowly but surely trying to eat all the other major publishing houses. what the fuck.

every day I invent a new gender so that I can abolish it

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