i've still been thinking a lot about the question of how to queer your aesthetic, how to look or dress queer, how to do makeup in a queer way

and like, here's the thing, i can absolutely create a bullet list of queer trends and historically queer subcultures with their own fashion and you can follow that and its 100% fine but i feel like this is only a partial answer to a partially asked question

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the unasked part of the question, of course, is how do i control the narrative of my perception to those around me?

and it goes unasked because you don't want the answer because you know what it is. you can't.

so... how do you queer your aesthetic? by releasing yourself of the burden of expectation and embracing what makes you different. also clashing prints, i guess.

sorry, there is no instant gratification here.

you can't control what other people will think of you and you'll drive yourself mad trying

i mean you could probably stop a few people from having ANY thoughts permanently but its more sustainable to just decide youre hot and literally who can stop you? whats the worse outcome? oh no, xi gained self confidence! how grotesque! :blobthinksmart:

@glitter especially needed to hear this at this particular moment. Thanks for writing it!

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