i was thinkin about things yknow and like the whole "shh its not polite to make jokes about the queen" already doesnt sit well with me bc yknow, tone policing and silencing victims but then also there's this little thing called The Right to Comfort which occupies a handy dandy little bullet on a list of signs and symptoms of white supremacy

worth reading about to shake out those last little pearl clutching habits you have for protecting the peace of the oppressor over the life of the oppressed, here's one resource to get started


@glitter this is so good

"welcome honest and hard feedback as the gift it is, knowing that people could so easily choose to stay silent and talk about you behind your back rather than gift you with their truth about how your attitudes and/or behavior are causing a problem"

@glitter This is a great website! Thank you for the link!

@glitter Thank you! Framing all of this ridiculous behaviour as a symptom of white supremacist culture actually makes perfect sense and this is a great resource. Looking forward to sharing 🤘

@glitter I particularly liked, "don’t require those who raise hard issues to raise them in ‘acceptable’ ways, especially if you are using the ways in which issues are raised as an excuse not to address them."

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