thinkin a lot about... comprehension versus compassion... and the ways in which especially cishet men withhold compassion under the excuse that they merely lack comprehension... if they can only comprehend then ✨ of course ✨ they would have compassion

but that comprehension never comes. hm.

@glitter there is a belief that compassion needs to be earned, and fellow-feeling is a finite resource

I think this is compounded by a social pressure not to feel in the first place, and to cut off your social circle to only those worthy by the standards of toxic masculinity

@glitter yeah that's one of the big issues with focusing morality on empathy (besides the obvious ableism towards people who experience empathy differently)
sometimes you just can't empathize with someone, and under that model of morality, that means it's okay not to extend compassion
but that's simply not true

@glitter I think what makes my fiance and I good people is that I can empathize with most people and kinda extrapolate from that when I can't, and they can't empathize with most people so they simply learned how to be compassionate without empathy

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