tell me about your favorite comfort dinner bc I'm looking for new foods to try. doesn't have to be gluten free, bonus for deep cultural foods that are a hard sell internationally 🌮🥞

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this reminds me that I gave kj's extremely white mom some Mexican tamarindo candy and she's so very polite and tried so hard to not show that it was too spicy for her 😅

It was just a pulparindo but🤷‍♀️

It's okay tho we gave her mazapan and she was okay

@glitter holuptzes! Cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice in a sweet and sour tomato sauce! God, they’re a pain in the ass to make but also, God, I could eat them from here until doomsday

@MordecaiMartin I've seen those before and I've always wanted to try them! They look delicious

@glitter Bolle! It’s a bun, like a cinnamon bun but without any cinnamon or the rolled form, is round and can/should have raisins in them.

@glitter Wait no, that’s not dinner. Although I’ve had it for dinner on occasion

@glitter cajun gumbo.
I do also love some crawfish boudin balls, but they have to come from a shack off the road - you know the type.

@Cyborgneticz I love me some gumbo. Never had crawfish boudin balls tho o:

@glitter I crave pozole verde and it's rather impossible to find where I live :(

@federicomena oof me too :( but with any pezole. There's no where here that makes it

@glitter Paprika potatoes (paprikás krumpli). The way I make it is reasonably close to this, although I think the addition of some sliced csabai in the stewing gives a much better flavour

@glitter stir-fried kimchi rice, just had some for lunch and this is enough fuel for an entire day!

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