we have evolved past the need for white peoples' opinions. all full up. can't even sell them at goodwill, the employees put them in the trash with your mom's diet cookbooks 🤷‍♀️


why yes, i DID see that we're having "dont boost your own post" discourse yet again. sorry that you're such a fucking drag no one wants to hear from you, but i love when my friends reboost their shit to make sure i didnt miss them being funny/ hot/ badass/ asking for help

white people check your skin color before making posts about social behavior challenge 2kforever. this world was designed for you. politeness politics benefit ONLY you. how the fuck do you think we got to this place in society where fighting back against oppression is decried more than actual oppressive violence? or do you think those two things are separate? thats cute in a tragic way, i guess.

annnd muted. back to watching my show about queer fat babes being chaotic and hot

@glitter Sounds amazing what is the show if you don't mind sharing?

@glitter :purpleheart: :purpleheart: Thank you!!
I need more of this in my life!

@glitter I don't boost my own posts (I think ever) since I don't think people would want to hear what I have to say again. But I'd never tell others what to do... it's your account, do whatever the fuck you want with your toots. Sometimes I see someone's toot on the second round if I missed it the first time, so it's not bad at all.

Why is this a thing? Ugh people just love to shit stir.

@greyor @glitter 10000%, just mind your own fucking business! Turn off boosts or mute or unfollow the person in question if it bothers you so much!

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