bitching about anti-tippers 

the easiest and most surefire way to screen people is by bringing up the concept of tipping your server. there's literally no good reason not to and every person who has an argument is just showing me how insufferable they are lmao

"well I'M european and I need to brag about my country being better than the USA instead of critically examining the other problems in my country" blocked, i dont care, + youre probably a colonizer in a country benefitting in the billions from slavery that allows you these things

"if servers wanted better pay they should work bett-" blocked, you're exactly the person that bitches the loudest about a lack of waitstaff and treats them the worst

"if we want to dismantle the system as a whole, they shouldnt be working and should be organizing-" blocked, i'm not sure what world you live in where dismantling the system is a salaried job that keeps people fed and housed but thats not reality

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bitching about anti-tippers 

@glitter or the classic "i'm actually doing them a favor because if I tip them then their employer just continues to get away with underpaying them" blocked, find a better way to hurt large corps without taking it out on the workers

bitching about anti-tippers 

@balrogboogie this one too. any leftist using goo-goo ga-ga language to justify it. workers solidarity but only if youre working a job i personally approve of (which never includes waitstaff or swers), blocked

re: bitching about anti-tippers 

@glitter "Fucking tip your waitstaff" I'd say. I always get weird looks from my parental units when I tip the servers. Like I know I we are poor, but fuck, we gotta help each other when we can.

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