🚫 "autistic people are emotionally detached"

:be_cool: "living in a hostile society has forced a lot of autistics to mask and/ or shut down for our own safety"

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sitting here thinking about how i never considered i could be autistic bc autism is always depicted as emotional detachment but i am an intensely emotional person. and then i realized *everyone else* views me as detached bc they arent safe people to unmask around lmao

@glitter I also find other people's emotions very overwhelming because I feel them intensely as well as emotions in media and stuff which I think leads me to being emotionally detached as a coping mechanism so I don't get overwhelmed by those emotions

Well, and also I was bullied for expressing emotions so

@glitter heh kind of wondered the same with Tater at some points because he's so cheerful and emotionally open.

@ljwrites @glitter
That was an eye opener here, too. My youngest didn't fit into the "classic Asperger's mold" too. Not only bc they are born female and all diagnostic questions seem to be fitted for males, but nearly every question I had to answer with Nope, never, no, at least not at home..., all the while teachers and psychologists did see an entirely different behaviour bc they didn't feel safe with them.
Another hint that those questionnaires are not such helpful tools

@blueplanetslittlehelper @ljwrites no, sadly, they arent. diagnostic criteria for ASD is mostly formatted to read as "how do you inconvenience other people around you?" rather than .. well literally anything else.

Yeah. And since I didn't feel being inconvenient by their behaviour (after 2 kids I understood that all children are different, the first one got really difficult parents, the poor sod 😳)...
Some also ask about "how does the child cope with..." (questionnaires about adults may be too, idk) And if parents managed to make that easier, they maybe don't get the diagnosis despite being Autistic, see link and latter toots to @ljwrites

@glitter Preach it!!

Like, that realization has been absolutely vital to our healing journey.

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