yeah yeah ACAB and all but what are we doing about the motherfuckers writing healthcare insurance policies? why do they still feel safe? i think we should change that.

"reform healthcare pwease uwu" theyre literally just unarmed useless fucking policy writing worms, drag them to the block by their collar???

why doesnt that piss more people pff? covid's lacking response from the government is pushing us into a mass disabling event and insurance companies are already tightening down. have you had covid? deal with long covid? congrats you're now disabled, ie: now you have a pre-existing condition. and there are people. real life, living people, RIGHT NOW LIVING PEOPLE, writing policies to tighten down access to healthcare even further.

they are literally alive right now. waiting to deal the killing blow to hundreds of thousands of people. ACAB but what about these fuckers?


always remember that being able bodied is a temporary state of being. able bodied people better start caring about the disabled quickly because you'll be one of us soon enough be it by illness, injury, or age 🤷‍♀️

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