the push to re-instate Queer as a slur is TERF agenda because its easier for them to figure out who the "wrong" sorts are by neat little labels. Queer is too inclusive and too covert and they HATE it.

so using Queer is a real schrodinger problem. you're either the right or wrong type but they can't know which until they look in the box and it drives them up the wall.

good. die mad about it. i'll die queer.

also just in general "you cant use queer, queer was a slur!" is confusing because i grew up in the 90s where 'gay' was the slur of the day. i have never once in my life heard 'queer' used as a slur, but gay? oh man. if you heard someone shout GAY on the school yard, a beat down was about to take place.

when school bullies shouted GAY, you either ran to hide, ran to get the teachers, or ran to try and help the poor kid being targeted. there were literal anti-gay as a slur commercials on TV for a part of the mid to late 90s and early 2000s. gay was a slur. gay is no longer a slur. queer was a slur. queer is no longer a slur. see how i did that.

I have younger gay friends that don’t even remember ‚gay‘ being a slur.

And the fact that ‚queer‘ not only drives terfs mad but also says „I don’t have to explain myself to you“ is we quite delightful.

@glitter i spent quite some energy re-educating my colleagues at work in 2007++

"this is so gay"
"yeah, i like it too" *steps a little closer*

@glitter this thread so succintly sums up what ive never been able to put my finger on when people tell me I cant call myself queer.

Im really excited to possibly have some new words to levy at the president of a local queer org when he gets mad at me for calling myself queer. Keep in mind this is the president of a "gay and lesbian" group where all else in the community are "guests."

This thread is fire

@glitter 80s kid 90s queer. Queer theory, queer politics, and queer theology saved my life. There is nothing natural or god-ordained about heterosexism and its associated gender roles. Recognizing that it's an arbitrary political system saved me.

And it's a word that acknowledges how much anti-LGBTQIA prejudice is grounded in the fragile masculinity and femininity of straight people.

@glitter it’s I had the same experience; I grew up at a similar time and I literally didn’t know that the word “gay” had a meaning other than just a general derogatory term until I was in middle school bc I only ever saw it used in a derogatory way. it was very confusing to me getting older and seeing it used as an identity because I had some baggage with it bc of how I saw it used as a kid. seeing the ways people talk about the word “queer” as a slur was a bit surreal to me

@variance @glitter “Queer” was a slur when I was growing up in the 80, back when “gay” still sounded strange and homophobes would complain about “ruining a perfectly good word”. But it was on the way out then and now it’s ours.

@glitter THIS. yes, absolutely feel the same. "gay" was always way more of a slur when i was at school, along with "lesbian" and variations of it


In the 70s, in Michigan, "queer" was THE slur. Not just sexuality. In my case, it was shorthand for "the boy ain't right."

@glitter I love finding very specific labels for myself because my autism loves that...but I also very much enjoy the nebulous air of mystery of queer

@glitter I am flabbergasted when I see people argue that “”queer is a slur” isn’t terf rhetoric!” Tell that to the terfs at London Pride a few years ago (the one where cops joined the march) who carried “Lesbian Not Queer” signs. There’s a picture online somewhere. They pretty clearly saw queer people as fake, as traitors, as degenerates. Unworthy of solidarity.

Transphobic fetishization 

@glitter Given how many terfs are not-so-secretly chasers, I wouldn’t be surprised if their problem stems from “I need to know what this person’s genitals are so I know whether to give or withhold my sexual approval”


I found the relevant picture from London Pride 2018. Everyone who takes “queer is a slur” discourse at face value needs to see this. Yes, it is valid to be triggered by the word “queer” and not identify with it. But that’s not what “queer is a slur” discourse is actually about. Image blurred because it shows terf slogans.

@pfx oh it's gotten worse since then. TERFs led London pride the next year, I think. London does seem like a particular gargave fire as prides go, though. @winter @glitter

@winter This is such an important distinction, I do know people old enough that they are triggered by the word "queer," older cis gays especially were called that by abusers. But none of those guys are the ones pushing this fucking Discourse about "queer is a slur" @glitter

@winter @glitter well, this resonate much with the situation in the last Pride in Paris (2021), some TERFs infiltrated the pride (it's relatively new here :x), and some had the anti-queer slogan too, even if queer have never been a slur in our country.


@glitter clearly TERFs are so insecure that they can't stand it when others take any joy or comfort in labels!!

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