now's the best time to ask me food history or random culinary questions


@noyovo uhhh blue raspberry is a real flavor. its flavor is derived from whitebark berries, and the reason its blue is because in the 70s in the USA, a certain red dye was banned from use and i think it was the otterpop makers who were like "Well we have several red and pinks already but we have all this blue dye. Fuck it, blue raspberry."

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@noyovo oh how about boxed cake mix? there's no reason that boxed mixes can't all be Add Water only. in fact when WWII was wrapping up and american GIs were returning home, cake mixes took off and they were initially Add Water only. the reason this was phased out is because consumer surveys reported that bakers said they wanted a slightly more involved process but not as involved as homemade cake. despite what they *said*, sales reports showed that they were actually more likely to buy water only mixes.

so despite what the sales said, eventually most of the major brands turned to egg + oil/ butter route. Pillsbury was the last of them to do so.

@glitter 🤨 so you're saying they made cake more complicated because they thought that's what The People wanted & proceeded to ignore the actual data on what The People wanted..?

@noyovo pretty much! they were basically helping to sell the illusion of the domestic goddess housewife who could Do It All, trying to lure women back out of the work forces and into the kitchen while also being accessible enough to working women to still retain that plastic smile suburban bliss.

@glitter omg is pink lemonade because of something like this too


@noyovo on the pink lemonade front- sorta? there's a couple stories that historians find most believable and both involve the circus.

story one is that a concession worker dropped/ slipped in red cinnamon candies into a vat of lemonade, and unable to waste it sold it as it was.

story two is kinda gross and to get it out of the way quick as possible, they ran out of fresh water and used laundry water that had dye from costumes in it.

whichever one is correct (it could be neither idk), circuses are what pushed pink lemonade into prominence, because it matched the entire, yknow, aesthetic.

commercially available pink lemonade today is made with red grape extracts.

and just general lemonade history: sunkist ran a slogan during prohibition "Good-bye to liquor, here's to lemonade." it was the drink of choice by the women's temperance movement to replace alcohol.

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