i once hired a girl at my bakery who had no resume, but she did gift me a shiny rock she found on the ground while walking over for her interview, because she said i seemed like the kind of person that likes shiny rocks. she may have been the best employee i ever had.

she was keen enough to notice that i do, in fact, adore shiny rocks. her attention to detail was *immaculate*, she just happened to not have a resume 🤷‍♀️

also if you were curious, my "interview" process wasnt much more than "Do you have a food handler's license? No? Okay here's my study books, I'll pay your testing fee, in the mean time you can do deliveries or clean. Don't show up drunk. I don't care if you're high but you can't stink of weed during deliveries. Lets go."

i was not, uh, fussy lmao

i never really understood how other bakeries could afford to be so selective with their hires, esp during holiday rush. kitchen testing? resumes? multiple interviews? who the fuck do you think you are? lmfao.

of course now i understand its because the owners and managers didnt do shit all day and hired people for pennies. i had made the decision not to pay my employees less than i was making, so that meant if i couldnt afford to pay them, i couldn't afford to hire them so i did a lot on my own which really impeded my ability to expand but. yknow.

anyway all this is to say that the convoluted hiring process for a lot of jobs is literally just a socially acceptable way to weed out "undesirables" and give employers a shield of deniability over their prejudices.

if you think i gave a fuck about paying the local plug to do deliveries on his slow days, lmfao. you will literally never met a better driver.

i only had a couple of full time employees, one of which had been incarcerated and looked TUFF. that man made some of the most beautiful, delicate sugar flowers. i haven't checked in on him in a few years but last i heard he'd moved to las vegas to work in one of the hotel restaurants.

its upsetting to think that his barrier into better work was just $50 in materials and testing fees, and someone willing to take a chance on him. i hope he's living a good life.

my other ft was a terrifying disabled woman from the philipines who took exactly zero shit from anyone, force fed us during crunch hours, and would break out her karaoke microphone sometimes to just belt it out when she was feeling it.

i sound like the fucking protagonist of an early 2000s webcomic with a quirky crew of misfits. my life has been kinda weird.

@ewankeep i've lived a weird life and i'm only 31. imagine my stories when i'm 61 lmao

@glitter lol, yep! I'm 54 and working on sone good stories myself. I like how generous and genuine you have been to all these people. I try to do that in my life, too.

@ewankeep i dunno about generous. i did what i thought was right to the best of my ability. i miss doing the work i used to do and the community that i worked with but i just can't hack it anymore sadly.

@glitter generous maybe in the sense of giving people space to be themselves. Seeing the beauty in people the rest of the world throws away without a second thought.

@ewankeep ahh i see. thank you. i guess if i do have a trait of my own that i value, its that i try to see the beauty and value in places society teaches us arent beautiful.

@glitter working in a bakery sounds so great. There's one in New Orleans that I love and I think working there would be really cool

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