the liberals are starting to co-opt ACAB but still saying the police can be "reformed" lmfao. tell me you missed the point without telling me you missed the fucking point.

@glitter wut? How is that even possible. Are they just pretending like it's not an acronym?

@polymerwitch these are the same people with BLM in their bios but don't wanna actually talk about antiblackness as it has defined our entire society 🤷‍♀️

@glitter lol,wonder if they think the B in ACAB stands for "but..."

@glitter They're probably thinking "well lets try and politely ask the cops to stop being bastards" as opposed you ... y'know... not have cops at all.

@Dolly lmao real "But if there's no cops, who will you call when x, y, z happens TO YOU?!" energy

@glitter when "x, y, z" happens to us it's usually the fucking cops that are doing it in the first place.

@glitter mmm... My mind shut down reading that. 😐

If I ever hear a lib say ACAB and reform in the same sentence I'll probably lose it.


Maybe they're just angling for the cop jobs themselves, because they really *want* guns but can't think of any other justifiable setting for waving them around (and most are too old for the military)? I don't know. I've stopped trying to understand these folks. :/


Let's go mess with them by saying the only supportable reform is that cops pay us for their right to take the job and they get no vehicles and no weapons other than their own carcasses and maybe a remaindered pool noodle once they're promoted. That'd be a good test of liberal sincerity on this subject.

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