me, unable to remember to eat every day:
also me: "Hey do you remember that Billy Idol Cyberpunk album where he made a song about police brutality right after the LA riots and there's just a random body horror claymation scene for no real reason?"

billy idol really has an album called Cyberpunk btw

i'm pretty sure he's actually scared of computers and the internet these days


i really just want everyone to hear Billy Idol's weird late 80s house party electro funk rendition of Heroin by the Velvet Undergound at least once. its such a bizarre direction and i love it.

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@glitter do you know this album Cyberpunk?

It's WILD. Such a wild concept behind it.

@glitter this great comedian made a really a whole podcast episode about it if you're interested

@kawaiipunk I do! I really think he was just too early with the concept because its such a y2k sound.

@glitter I has to remind myself that this was the same time as Nirvana :blobcatmelt:

Just completely ahead of it's time.

@glitter Sorry I missed the start of the thread. My question was redundant :blobpatraccoon:

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