"ignorant" isn't always an insult. there can be good or bad (or neither) reasons for someone to not know something

@noyovo there really needs to be nuance with the way we talk about ignorance, and a totally dismantling of placing a specific sort of intelligence up on a pedestal.

having or not having knowledge isn't a moral issue, its often an accessibility issue.

@glitter @noyovo Am I right that the world is at a place that knowledge is at all time lows of $ to acquire, its access to the spare time to learn things that is the biggest barrier today?

@LovesTha @noyovo I'm sure they're both immense barriers. With people having to work multiple jobs just to survive, who the hell really has the right amount of time, money, and energy to do it without it being like, your actual focus of effort.

@LovesTha @noyovo I'm confused about why we're having this conversation about defining one barrier of accessibility over another. I used a specifically broad term to encompass the myriad of challenges facing people that want to acquire knowledge.

@glitter @noyovo because I don't think everyone deserves compassion around their ignorance. Those with everything (not many people) are only ignorant because they choose to be.


@LovesTha okay? i'm clearly talking about people that do not have everything required to gain access and choose not to.

i'm not really interested in continuing this conversation further if thats your only point to be made. the OP sums up what this post was about specifically, in that "ignorance" is not always a negative signifier. i have zero idea why you felt the need to chime in "but sometimes it is" when clearly we already know that.

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