dysphoria shitposting 

brain: "Can we have some passing pls?"
me: "We're agender, we don't pass as anything."
brain: "Passing plz?"
me: "No."
brain: 馃榾 We regret to inform you of this incoming breakdown. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause.

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more dysphoria shitposting, "its just hormones" edition 

terf: "You cant be a man, your hormones are just imbalanced. You need to go to the doctor."
me: "Hm." *goes to the doctor, gets prescribed birth control for PCOS, takes hormonal bcp for ten+ years* "Turns out you were right! I'm not a man!"
terf: :blobdab:
me: "I'm actually agender and gayer than ever before!"
terf: :blob_disapproval:

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medical stuff, hormones + transition 

this is a true story ofc. i had severe dysphoria as a teenager but don't really anymore. i started taking hormonal birth control for polycystic ovarian syndrome and generally just keeping estrogen in my system bc i just dont? produce? enough?

anyway now my body has "proper" estrogen levels it requires. surprise, still not a woman. literally getting estrogen made it easier to understand how much im NOT a woman lmao

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medical stuff, hormones + transition 

@glitter haha terfs and transmedicalists can get fucked

medical stuff, hormones + transition 

@ljwrites its my favorite argument they use, because i have years and years worth of evidence that they can shit themselves and die mad about being flat ass wrong lmao

terf & medicalist bs, meme, sarcasm 

@glitter "Are my preconceived reductionist notions about 鉁岋笍 male and female hormones 鉁岋笍 so out of touch with the lived experiences of actual trans people? No, it's the trans people who are wrong. 馃 "

medical stuff, hormones + transition 

@glitter nice 馃挍馃馃挏馃枻

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