i'm too tired rn to be very angry but in case you're still on the fence, we have multiple politicians coming out now to say that theyre willing to let poor people die to fuel their own homes, and talking us down by saying they don't owe us?? electricity? safety? what the fuck do we pay taxes for?


TXPol, genuinely disturbing life and death stuff 

there are tiktoks and videos and posts online right now of people that may not survive through the storm, trying to spread information and combat misinfo and toxic liberal coastal elite are laughing in the faces of people literally on death's doorstep.

the toxicity of the two party system is so deeply ingrained into this country that coastal elites are laughing and cheering on the deaths of children, poor people, the elderly and disabled, the homeless, of all spectrums of culture and skin tone, the largest portion of which are people you'd otherwise call comrade

except they live in a voter suppression state ie: red state. hm.

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