Aromantics come in two types:

1) "I embrace my aromanticism as a means of rejecting a harmful or useless concept to me as I define relationships in my life. Its not necessary for me to rigidly define roles especially as they might mimic oppressive dynamics."

2) "If love by definition is that which brings me joy, then every moment of joy or comfort or happiness we've experienced is romance. Therefore I had a torrid romance with my pizza last week."

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@glitter the first time I heard the phrase 'romantic friendships' it blew my mind.
The idea that you could use romantic to mean caring and intimate instead of the other nebulous relationship type.
I still tend to flat out reject romance but i can totally understand going the other way and calling everything romantic

@sunflower_avenue @glitter oh yeah when i hear about historical "romantic friendships" like, that sounds neat

Like just caring deeply about someone and expressing that without worrying about all the baggage of social norms? Cool!

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