do you ever just think about how adults spread anti-kid propaganda casually everywhere that kids exist? i remember posters in my high school mocking teenagers with phrases like "Quick! Move out while you still know everything!" and yeah in one regard, i remember being 15 and thinking i knew more than i really did but on the other hand, its used to silence the voices of kids who do have legitimate complaints about adults wrt abuse, the ever distant goal posts of education, autonomy, and it impacts us well into adult hood.

we're really just casually okay with making sure kids have zero respect as humans.

and thats just school and general congregation areas. at home its even worse. parents are often the first oppressors a child knows. children have no voice, no rights, no respect, no humanity at all in this toxic fucking Us vs Them mentality of parents vs kids as if kids are some other species, or worse, as if kids are small adults and when the burden of complex abstract thought they are literally incapable of attaining fails them, its taken as a direct insult and targeted disrespect towards the parents. instead of, yknow, being a child incapable of knowing otherwise.

upset but not surprised by how many people have stories related to this thread.

@glitter and it’s DEEPLY intertwined with anti-empathic WASP sensibilities

@glitter it perpetuates this cycle of abuse that's entwined with a bunch of other oppressions too

@glitter This, so much this! I'm mildly autistic, and I have much the same complaints. -_-

@glitter anti-child mindsets, propaganda, and abuse (which is just a specific type of ageism) is so fuckin prevalent. Parents will literally sabotage their relationships with their children based on these narratives.

@glitter i have a thread about this pinned.. fuck people that don't give children and youth autonomy

@glitter my parents were incredibly controlling as a kid and they still to this day treat me like i should be the same as them. and i’m an adult now 😁

fuck that poster, moving out was the best thing i ever did and i wish i did it sooner. then i could have had more time to you know. be independent and develop my own personality.

child abuse 

@glitter yes!! it’s really fucked how much active and passive abuse is normalized if it’s a kid. So much media where young kids cause trouble until they get hit or simply have their agency undermined at every turn. Invasions of privacy are seen as normal and expected. And so often complaints are just met with telling kids to wait until they’re older and have their own kids

child abuse 

@cosmic yup, exactly. i was lucky enough that my mom protected my rights from a father that would gladly strip them away but i'm the eldest grandchild and grew up watching my cousins get treated worse than their pets sometimes, and now that we're all adults their parents dont understand how none of their kids want anything to do with them. wild.

@cosmic @glitter And now my generation calls the police because they see a kid walking or bicycling by themselves. I'm sure people who grow up with no parental trust to do the most basic tasks like getting themselves to school on their own on time will totally grow up to be well adjusted individuals prepared to fully participate in society...

@BalooUriza @cosmic @glitter I wish you were exaggerating, but when I was a kid I was literally held against my will by a stranger while they called the police simply because I was bicycling back home in winter. And I even had to pay for the police operation because I could have let that stranger bring me home in their car.

@trisschen @cosmic @glitter Reminds me of living at the old apartment. We had a good mechanic that had his shop over near Richard Jones, Junior Airport in Jenks. Jenks is right across the river from the old apartment, and you can get across the river directly on the 96th Cycleway Bridge. And yet out of the four times we had our cars in the shop before 2020, I'd get pulled over on my bicycle by JPD and getting the nth degree because I dared ride a bicycle.

@glitter my dad once told me i didn't know the meaning of stress, so i never brought it up again :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@tsunderdog i was frequently told that i have "no reason" to be tired, or in pain, or needing rest. i found out as an adult that i have autoimmune disorders that could have been detected if my father just listened to me and not turned into full blown disabilities 🤷‍♀️ so now instead we're just estranged instead.

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