decided today's curse is, "I hope food rots the moment you touch it" and it settles explicitly on the shoulders of goddamn anyone who wants me to believe "Its over." fuck you.


USPol, uwu 

it doesnt surprise me but it does frustrate me that the first posts i saw right after the swearing in ended was "uwu liberal families need to accept their trump supporter family members back and be sensitive to their grief" bitch what? these people were SALIVATING at the opportunity to MURDER PEOPLE and i need to be sensitive to their grief? lmao. fuck every single one of them, may they feel shame every single day of their lives and that goes double for my own family.

USPol, uwu 

tell me you're white and incredibly privileged without saying you're white and incredibly privileged

oh, we're just going with absolving violent, frothing facists without holding them accountable for their words and actions in an attempt at 'unity' because you werent affected by the last four years? kinda played out but okay.

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one final thing before i move on, i havent seen it yet but mocking Biden's stutter is ableist. he might be a lot of things and criticism is necessary for them but he won't ever hear you mocking his stutter

your friends who stutter (this includes me, there's a reason i don't speak aloud much) will hear that shit tho. if you're okay with looking your friends in the eye and explaining to them why their stutter impacts their morality then i mean by all means go ahead but otherwise fuck off

four years of fat jokes about trump never touched him but it sure did ruin the entire psyche of fat people being made to feel subhuman, unlovable, and inherently of lesser morals in a society that already actively does this on all levels of our lives.

break your habit of criticizing appearance and ability because otherwise i'm forced to assume you're just a hateful white noise machine, just here to fill in the background gaps with no comprehension of the topics at hand.

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@glitter this

and even if sometimes it is genuinely believed he or Trump might have memory issues or other brain issues that doesn't excuse ableist clock memes or brain melting jokes and all that

USPol, uwu 

@glitter you never see that kind of favor returned anyway?

Do they need courtesy? Are they grieving? No, they'll keep up the same routine of screaming at their television and believing they're messengers of the truth who have to bear their liberal family members. Literally nothing will change for them. They don't need any kind of help or assistance, because they're not going through anything. At least not anything new.

USPol, uwu 

@glitter thank fuck someone else feels the way I do. Like I recognize that policy wise there is going to almost certainly be improvements and much of trump's shit will be overturned, but every word spoken about 'unity' and how we need to come together and see each other as people with disagreements not enemies THE FASCIST SEE US AS VERMIN TO BE EXTERMINATED. TRANS PEOPLE ALMOST LOST THE LEGAL RIGHT TO HEALTHCARE AND THEY LAUGHED. I WILL NEVER UNITE WITH THEM OR THEIR ENABLERS

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