once you really come to terms with your anxiety, its almost like having a superpower.

i live in such a state of heightened awareness and fear that i've had to learn to think through those racing, ordinarily time stopping "blank page" surges of panic that when there is actually a real emergency to handle, i'm usually the first to respond. like bro stand back, i know what to do. i have thought through ten thousand ways this toaster could kill us and how to disarm it, lessGO

this has happened three times in my life btw. a toaster trying to kill me and my family.

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don't ask me whats for dinner tho, i cannot make a mundane decision to actually save my life.

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also don't compare where i'm at with my anxiety with where you may be at.

i'm 31 and started having anxiety and panic attacks when i was 10. i've have a long ass time to figure things out, its just time.

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