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sometimes you're not emotionally ready for all your snack to be gone, and then you find just one more piece. i hope you all have that kind of joy today.

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not agender like i dont vibe with any gender

agender like aggressively rejecting all forms of colonial oppression visited on my ancestors on our ancestral land, including your gender spectrum

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new account, new post 🎉

✨ My name is Citlali but I also go by Star and Dandy
✨ I'm an Admin for :ragelove:
✨ Indigenous
✨ 31 years old
✨ Agender/ Asexual/ Aromantic
✨ Fatphobia is rooted in racism, classism, and misogyny
✨ I am not the tolerant left. I am hostile to TERFS, SWERFS, fatphobia, chasers, anti-blackness, imperialists, and capitalists
✨ Nice to meet you again

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do you ever just think about how adults spread anti-kid propaganda casually everywhere that kids exist? i remember posters in my high school mocking teenagers with phrases like "Quick! Move out while you still know everything!" and yeah in one regard, i remember being 15 and thinking i knew more than i really did but on the other hand, its used to silence the voices of kids who do have legitimate complaints about adults wrt abuse, the ever distant goal posts of education, autonomy, and it impacts us well into adult hood.

we're really just casually okay with making sure kids have zero respect as humans.

complaining about heteros 

i hate how basic ass cishets invade creative spaces by the fucking THOUSANDS whenever there's a new creator like Hey! Show me the thing you're proudest of making! and you guessed it, fucking swarms of women with their babies. i don't care. this joke was unfunny the second time i saw it, but now no one can find anything related to the community because EVERY VIDEO IS A FUCKING BABY. I WANT TO SEE COOL ASS CLOTHING NOT BABIES.

i love the idea of emergency 24/7 tarot readings

i need a butch friend to teach me bitch things RIP

oh my christ i cannot put my headphones on because reasons but if if the british hag is listening to fox news at full volume i am going to fully lose my shit

not mutuals. mutuals can be weird at me all day. i mean. the others.

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muting a bunch of threads bc people are getting weird at me lol

oh man i have the time to take a better double teef selfie but do i have the energy

its still really weird to hear jets and then a few minutes later hear booms and feel the house rattle and just think to myself, "Oh the military must be doing missile testing"

the military is dropping missiles like 50 miles away and thats normal. thats *disturbing*.

the liberals are starting to co-opt ACAB but still saying the police can be "reformed" lmfao. tell me you missed the point without telling me you missed the fucking point.

how the hell is it gonna be 90 degrees yesterday but barely 50 today? texas please

imagine trying to explain 2021 to the you from 2001

daily life 

stepdad, mom, and the british hag all individually told me to fuck off to my room and not come out and basically shoved me "off duty". apparently i make them tired and anxious because i have alarms for everything and i keep a schedule like a champ, but every time i get up its like oh well i'm up i should clean this or put that away, which leads to oh well i can do this and that, which leads to oh i should do this

checked my follow requests for the first time in a week and found a bunch of pro-bitcoiners trying to follow me, the TubbyCoin Dealer, because i legitimately seem like i'm into crypto. because. TubbyCoin.

TubbyCoin's currency is 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical. Invest in BigHugs today :tubbycoin:

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black chattel slavery, scotland 

research of Sir Geoff Palmer: “relative to population, Scots owned more slaves, more plantations and had a higher share of the transatlantic trade in plantation goods such as tobacco and sugar than England or most other European countries.

By 1817, 32% of Jamaican plantations were owned by Scots.”

N.K. Jemisin: “much of the (white) South, in the US, was settled by Scots-Irish, many of whom did very well (e.g. the famous "Mellon" clan, of Carnegie-Mellon, another Jo-similar name). There's a town in Alabama called Jemison! Used to be a plantation. Many black families w/variant names.”

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