Actually Koko could talk; you just have some hidden ableism – A Response to Soup Emporium’s “Why Koko couldn’t talk (sorry)|The Deep Dive”
by Inappropriate Opossum on September 20, 2021

@foxes This is neat! Mostly really good, although I don't like the whole "oh humans are special, who knows what was going on in her head" thing - like, the whole /point/ is that humans aren't super special here.

But yeah it sounds like Koko absolutely /could/ talk and that video was horrendous.

@foxes I gotta say, I'm not versed enough in the recent developments in these fields to see Chomsky pilloried this hard and it's glorious.

And yes, as the mom of an autistic child who communicates mostly requests without much grammar to speak of, fuck that video and thank you for sharing!

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