colonialism — flags and language meta 

The thing about ideologies (including language ideologies) is that we don't notice that they're there, or that we're perpetuating them. A lot of misconceptions come from ignorance, and many (if not most) mislead practices are done out of irreflexive custom.

I, too, am annoyed at the use of national State flags as stand-ins for languages. The reasons are many. But when I was first made aware of the problem many years ago, my initial reaction was (as a white Spanish speaker who is not a Spaniard), to just say "well, then let's use any flag except the Spanish flag!"; which I now know is not even close to being an ideal alternative.

Now I know that there are many hundreds of indigenous languages spoken and signed in Abya Yala ("the Americas"), and that nation-States are colonial institutions imposed primarily on Indigenous people, Black people and other people of color. Thus, I now I understand why we shouldn't use those institutions' flags as shorthands for languages in the context of Abya Yala, or in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, for a whole host of reasons which pertain to each context. But I had to be made aware first.

What I mean is, in general, and specially if you are white, maybe let's not be jerks about this. But that's my opinion.

colonialism — flags and language meta 

Especially especially if you are white and talking to a person who is Black, indigenous or a person of color.

colonialism — flags and language meta 

@eunice the amount of time it took me as kid to understand that Jugoslavijan is not a language, because no one would fuckin explain it!

colonialism — flags and language meta 

@meena oof something similar happened to me, even though some of my relatives were from the region

re: colonialism — flags and language meta 

@eunice This seems sensible enough, which is only leading us to suspect that it was prompted by someone saying something that wasn't...

re: colonialism — flags and language meta 

@noyovo unfortunately, yes...

re:re: colonialism — flags and language meta 

@noyovo It seems like the individual situation might have been, ehm, resolved (?), and I know puf saw my post after making his sarcastic comments. But I think it's important I share the context, now that you ask:

rere: colonialism — flags and language meta 

@eunice Thanks for the 411!

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