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Profile picture attribution 

My profile picture is a cropped version of a picture by Charles James Sharp, released under CC BY-SA 4.0

Link to license:

Link to original work:

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Profile picture description 

A yellow-headed caracara (Milvago chimachima) standing on top of a capybara (Hydrochoeris hydrochaeris).

The caracara is a bird with a white head and brown wings and has a yellow spot on its face which seems to blend with its beak.

The capybara is looking down to the right and the caracara is looking up the left, making up a very cool and dynamic picture.

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Caturday is named after Caturnus, the Ancient Roman god of Cats

No hay suficientes aves en los libros de dinosaurios para niñes

They're called "Non-Fungible Tokens" because they don't work

work negative 

me: *is a morning person*

every job I've had in this city: *starts early in the morning or has very long shifts*

me: :oh_no:

making fun of the Bri´ish and the Fghench today I see

Esta es la segunda vez que hago este chiste y el motivo es el mismo: @bicivoladora comparte el enlace de la insólita canción de Igudesman y Joo

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herbal tea, physical health 

How to test it: I drink it every night and see if I get to sleep earlier haha. I've noticed my heart rate is a little high late at night when I try to sleep a little earlier, even when I'm tired or kind of sleepy

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herbal tea 

It's the cheap brand's mix, but if you people have any recommendation for bed-time infusions I'll be happy to read them

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herbal tea 

Ok, hypothesis: it's good to drink the camomille, boldo, mint and lemon verbena mix before going to sleep

transcripción fonética 

El locutor de la radio dijo "Las Heras" pronunciándolo [laˈheɾah] en vez de [laˈseras], se "corrigió" repetidas veces, y pasó el siguiente minuto metiendo a modo de chiste una ese al final de todos los sustantivos. Fue muy divertido la verdad lol

I don't know German but I *will* boost your Katze pics

posting meta 

Should we also talk about the "post of the trumpets"

no que hable porteño fluido ni haga la she rioplatense pero sí imito bien la entonación creo yo jaja

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Irga, recién hablando con un porteño cambié de dialecto caraqueño a porteño así 👏 al toque, y sin darme cuenta

política porteña 

Hora Pico por Decreto

game about trains in capitalism 

Open TTD is fun, but haven't found a goal other than mere endless growth

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