can't believe i am being silenced for speaking my truth

it's still not posting and i have no idea why but i assume it has something to do with the image file

@ebeth i'm having a hard time seeing images in posts, I wonder if the server is full or something?

@balrogboogie huh interesting, i haven't had an issue seeing images but i haven't been on much today. could be!

@ebeth there was an issue but Ian said it should be fixed now

@ebeth Unconnected to anything (except me just scrolling the federated timeline), but the hair jealousy has never been this strong before, wow.

@holochromatic this was definitely my best hair look!! painted by angel at star studio in ypsilanti, michigan, and i really need to go back to her sometime because she's amazing

@holochromatic the back was a bind rune that she made just for me and i was obsessed with it

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